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Jake Muir – Mana / Ilian Tape

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ARTIST(S): Jake Muir


LABEL: Ilian Tape | Ilian Tape
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Ambient, Experimental
RELEASED: 2021-11-16


  1. Jake Muir – Tonic (04:49) key, bpm0
  2. Jake Muir – Twilight Transmissions (02:38) key, bpm0
  3. Jake Muir – Forest of Whispers (04:42) key, bpm0
  4. Jake Muir – Siren’s Call (04:45) key, bpm0
  5. Jake Muir – Spectre’s Bonfire (05:48) key, bpm0
  6. Jake Muir – Cauldron (04:05) key, bpm0
  7. Jake Muir – Gleam (03:30) key, bpm0
  8. Jake Muir – Smoke and Mirrors (05:04) key, bpm0
  9. Jake Muir – Dancing Vapours (05:27) key, bpm0
  10. Jake Muir – Grotto (04:22) key, bpm0

Total Playtime: 00:45:10 min

Spanning ten tracks, Mana is the US sound artist’s first release on the Munich label. He says the LP is inspired by the short-lived illbient genre, which was pioneered by New Yorkers like DJ Olive, DJ Spooky and Spectre in the mid-’90s. Muir sampled tracks from this period, shaping them into ambient and drone pieces.

“I feel like this album is the culmination of my love for sampling,” Muir told Resident Advisor. “Aside from a handful of field recordings, all sounds on the record came from albums revolving around illbient and turntablism. Illbient’s melting pot of styles (dub, hip-hop, ambient, etc.) often resulted in music with alien and disorienting atmospheres, which has been very alluring to me. In parallel, watching the Scratch documentary last fall and seeing Qbert and Mix Master Mike talk about their sci-fi inspirations with turntablism sparked me to do my own take on ‘space’ music.”

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