LOSSLESSMelodic House & Techno

Tripolism – Loveless / MTRC014

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RELEASE: Loveless
ARTIST(S): Tripolism

REMIXERS: Adrian Roman, Ivory (IT)

LABEL: Metrica | MTRC014
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2021-11-26


  1. Tripolism – Loveless (07:02) key, bpm120
  2. Tripolism – Loveless (Adrian Roman Revision) (06:26) key, bpm120
  3. Tripolism – Loveless (Ivory Night Call Mix) (06:01) key, bpm123
  4. Tripolism – Echelon (07:53) key, bpm120

Total Playtime: 00:27:22 min

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Tripolism debuts with its first release on Metrica. The Danish trio of Brynjar, Rasmus and Frederik present “Loveless”. The EP is composed of four tracks, two originals and two remixes by the Spanish Adrian Roman and the Italian Ivory. “Loveless” is a very intimate track full of great feelings, the voice tells a beautiful story that is accompanied by a complex arpeggio and serves as a hook throughout the continuation of the track, this is complemented by a nice lead and an elegant drum rhythm. Adrian´s revision consists of interesting percussion and conceptual melodies without losing the essence of the original track, a great vision that becomes a bomb for the dancefloor. Ivory´s night call brings harmonic difference in his melodies, creating a more sentimental version where the bass line plays a very important role together with his chords. The EP is completed by “Echelon”, the perfect track to complete this release. An incredible composition full of originality in its structure with intense and constant melodies, its main synth will be remembered in your mind for a long time. Metrica´s fourteenth reference promises to be a hit, stay tuned Loveless will be a hit.//

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