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VA – “La Furia del Pueblo” / UTCHVA006

11 2021 346 091286835 VA - "La Furia del Pueblo" / UTCHVA006

RELEASE: “La Furia del Pueblo”
ARTIST(S): Acronym, Alderaan, Aleja Sanchez, Alex Blumen, Anthony Linell, Arnaud Le Texier, ASC, Beyond Humans, Claudio PRC, Clz, Daniela Haverbeck, Delmonte, Denise Rabe, Developer, Dimi Angelis, Drumcell, Edit Select, Emmanuel, Forest On Stasys, Greyhead, Gronotek, Hedustma, HELENA, Hendrik van Boetzelaer, Humnoid, Iori, Joton, Kessell, Korridor, Kwartz, Lesboys, Marcelo Antonio, NØRBAK, NTOGN, Oscar Mulero, Perc, Pfirter, Reeko, Refracted, Ricardo Garduno, Roll Dann, Samuli Kemppi, Sarnival, SHXCXCHCXSH, Sons Of Hidden, Synthek, Takaaki Itoh, Temudo, Tensal, The Ripped, Umwelt, Voiski, Wrong Assessment, Zadig


RELEASED: 2020-01-23


  1. Zadig – Tierra del Fuego (Original mix) (05:34) key, bpm150
  2. Tensal – Pura Furia (Original mix) (05:22) key, bpm134
  3. Wrong Assessment – Outburst (Original mix) (05:45) key, bpm134
  4. Umwelt – War on our Future (Original mix) (06:08) key, bpm120
  5. The Ripped – Primera línea (Original mix) (07:08) key, bpm130
  6. Oscar Mulero – Refuse (Original mix) (05:48) key, bpm126
  7. Temudo – To become an outlaw (Original mix) (05:42) key, bpm133
  8. SHXCXCHCXSH – Cchhch (Original mix) (05:16) key, bpm134
  9. Dimi Angelis – Heliotropic (Original mix) (04:59) key, bpm135
  10. Sarnival – Paco Asesino (Original mix) (05:38) key, bpm133
  11. Voiski – Like a dark cloud (Original mix) (04:01) key, bpm117
  12. Synthek – Against Deception (Original mix) (08:23) key, bpm126
  13. Takaaki Itoh – Lutencer (Original mix) (05:49) key, bpm133
  14. Sons Of Hidden – Mártir (Original mix) (05:53) key, bpm137
  15. Reeko – El lobo estepario (Original mix) (04:55) key, bpm130
  16. Joton – Waiting for a sign (Original mix) (05:42) key, bpm130
  17. Roll Dann – Vigor (Original mix) (05:16) key, bpm135
  18. Samuli Kemppi – Examples of Brutality (Original mix) (06:00) key, bpm128
  19. Ricardo Garduno – Under the Yoke (Original mix) (05:08) key, bpm132
  20. Pfirter – La Unión (Original mix) (05:16) key, bpm132
  21. Kwartz – Blackout (Original mix) (04:46) key, bpm115
  22. NØRBAK – Experience Resistence (Original mix) (06:20) key, bpm134
  23. Hedustma – No estamos en guerra (Original mix) (07:27) key, bpm130
  24. Marcelo Antonio – Systematic Evasion (Original mix) (05:20) key, bpm138
  25. NTOGN – Djungelboken (Original mix) (05:20) key, bpm126
  26. Refracted – Fuerza (Original mix) (04:51) key, bpm133
  27. Arnaud Le Texier – Differences (Original mix) (05:56) key, bpm135
  28. Korridor – All wounds leave a mark (Original mix) (07:07) key, bpm157
  29. Gronotek – Cyber war (Original mix) (06:40) key, bpm132
  30. Kessell – Opposing Corruption (Original mix) (05:28) key, bpm130
  31. Hendrik van Boetzelaer – Reindeer Scapula (Original mix) (06:07) key, bpm127
  32. ASC – Zero Divide (Original mix) (07:29) key, bpm130
  33. Iori – Force (Original mix) (05:32) key, bpm130
  34. Humnoid – La dignidad de la lucha (Original mix) (05:27) key, bpm130
  35. Perc – V (Original mix) (03:35) key, bpm96
  36. HELENA – Silent God (Original mix) (05:33) key, bpm128
  37. Developer – Symbolizm (Original mix) (06:18) key, bpm132
  38. Greyhead – Nuevo sol que regresa (Original mix) (07:07) key, bpm132
  39. Anthony Linell – Luz (Original mix) (05:23) key, bpm133
  40. Drumcell – Severed Oath (Original mix) (07:48) key, bpm132
  41. Forest On Stasys – Mysterious Night (Original mix) (06:13) key, bpm126
  42. Emmanuel – Poder para la gente (Original mix) (05:13) key, bpm128
  43. Alderaan – Hope (Original mix) (05:36) key, bpm128
  44. Edit Select – They whisper to me (Original mix) (06:02) key, bpm130
  45. Denise Rabe – The women in the woods (Original mix) (05:27) key, bpm132
  46. Alex Blumen – No more lies (Original mix) (08:06) key, bpm127
  47. Claudio PRC – Lineal (Original mix) (08:11) key, bpm129
  48. Delmonte – The rare beauty of destruction (Original mix) (06:26) key, bpm133
  49. Clz – 18.10.19 (Original mix) (06:57) key, bpm84
  50. Aleja Sanchez – Cycle Contracture (Original mix) (07:52) key, bpm130
  51. Beyond Humans – Voices from the future (Original mix) (08:59) key, bpm173
  52. Lesboys – Ya van a ver (Original mix) (05:37) key, bpm132
  53. Daniela Haverbeck – Transformación (Original mix) (04:35) key, bpm140
  54. Acronym – Trickledown (Original mix) (05:56) key, bpm141

Total Playtime: 05:24:27 min

This is a release against the violation of human rights and abuse of the Chilean people by the government and the military police army.
This is the call to a social change from a group of artists united in a humanitarian cause. This is the shout of strength and support from the global techno music community.

La furia del Pueblo is an album that we have been working on for almost two months in which artists from different places of the world have collaborated, to demonstrate the union and support that is being given to the people from Chile, who has been fighting and demanding dignity; but at the same time being vilely repressed by military and armed police that has abused and violated human rights in countless occasions, the current government and particularly President Sebastian Piñera being the absolute culprit of everything that has been happening.
This release aims to make all this go out to the world and that people know that we are united and support this type of instances, that we are not only producers or djs thinking about parties, drugs and excesses as they want to make us see the media normally.
Adicionally the money left by the sales in digital format of these tracks will be given to people in a street situation in the form of food and shelter, since they are the most unprotected, because they have absolutely no help from anyone. A few years ago we worked with an Ong and we do not like how they work, they were very transparent, so we will do this work with our techno family and friends, as we have done since the movement started, there are many ways to help and this It can be one more.
It is time to give a furious shout through techno music and show that we are just parties and drugs as they usually stigmatize us. La Furia del Pueblo is a shout of strength and support from several of the most influential artists of techno music yesterday and today managed and runned by Utch Records and will be available on December 30 in our bandcamp and from January 17, 2020 on all digital platforms.

Press Release


UTCH Corporation Records is a label arranged by Under Tech Chile 2019.
All tracks mastered by Guillermo Lopez S. aka The Ripped At Utch Records Studios, Santiago, 2019. With the exception of the tracks by Oscar Mulero, Aleja Sanchez, Edit Select, Ntogn, Hendrik van Boetzelaer, Pfirter, Zadig, Dimi Angelis, Reeko and Temudo .

All rights reserved – UTCH RECORDS – All trademarks and logos are protected – Unauthorised Copying, public performance or broadcasting of the record prohibited.

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