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Oliver Rosemann – Origins LP / WU73D

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ARTIST(S): Oliver Rosemann


LABEL: Warm Up Recordings | WU73D
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno
RELEASED: 2022-04-20


  1. Oliver Rosemann – Raid (Original mix) (03:12) key, bpm128
  2. Oliver Rosemann – Wanderers (Original mix) (05:49) key, bpm133
  3. Oliver Rosemann – The Profit and the Loss (Original mix) (05:33) key, bpm133
  4. Oliver Rosemann – Crossings (Original mix) (05:25) key, bpm133
  5. Oliver Rosemann – Empire (Original mix) (05:54) key, bpm100
  6. Oliver Rosemann – The Vision (Original mix) (05:42) key, bpm66
  7. Oliver Rosemann – Whisperers (Original mix) (04:33) key, bpm130
  8. Oliver Rosemann – The Lost Moment (Original mix) (05:35) key, bpm133
  9. Oliver Rosemann – Legion (Original mix) (05:20) key, bpm100
  10. Oliver Rosemann – Rage (Original mix) (05:42) key, bpm135
  11. Oliver Rosemann – Foreign Coasts (Original mix) (05:23) key, bpm133
  12. Oliver Rosemann – Scarred (Original mix) (04:24) key, bpm85

Total Playtime: 01:02:32 min

Here at Warm Up we continue in our search of valuable artists around the globe, and we have found Oliver Rosemann in this quest. Not every techno artist is capable of developing an album with sense and knowledge, Oliver is. He has been providing quality techno tracks for a long while from his homebase in Leipzig, with a particular sense of groove and rhythm and a recognisable and heavily worked sound design skills.

This is his third long player after They call them millions on DIffuse Reality Records from 2016 and The Architect in Konsequent Records in 2020.

During twelve cuts he travels through various aspects of electronic music, from the beatles and texturized Raid and Whisperers, to the continuous adrenaline shown on Wanderers or The Profit and the Loss, both in the best metallic Birmingham tradition, the mental travel sweeps and pads in Crossings or the scifi approach of Empire and The Vision.

The Lost Moment and Legion go back to minimalistic and metallic repetition while Rage is made to test your resistance near asound system while dancing, a merciless weapon for the peak hours.

Foreign Coasts return to sci fi moods but focusing more in asymmetry than bleep action.

Closing the release Scarred returns to arhythmic landscapes and relaxation after the gymnastic workout.

Atemporal techno made to last, carefully crafted, intelligently arranged and sonically excellent.//

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