Rekid – 99 / RBINC009D

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ARTIST(S): Rekid


LABEL: Running Back | RBINC009D
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Electronica


  1. Rekid – Day 1 (03:00) key, bpm99
  2. Rekid – Day 2 (02:54) key, bpm99
  3. Rekid – Day 3 (02:52) key, bpm99
  4. Rekid – Day 4 (04:51) key, bpm99
  5. Rekid – Day 5 (05:55) key, bpm99
  6. Rekid – Day 6 (04:12) key, bpm77
  7. Rekid – Day 7 (02:34) key, bpm99
  8. Rekid – Day 8 (02:37) key, bpm99
  9. Rekid – Day 9 (04:07) key, bpm124
  10. Rekid – Day 10 (04:02) key, bpm99
  11. Rekid – Day 11 (02:56) key, bpm99

Total Playtime: 00:40:00 min

You can’t keep a good thing down: 99 marks the triumphant and long overdue return of Matthew Edwards’ Rekid project. More than just Radio Slave records slowed down, his alter ego preferably ploughs the field between ambient excursions, downtempo hypnotism, sample sculptures and the general space in between raves.

    Since its first appearance with the Lost Star EP for Classic in 2004 and the still breathtaking follow up Made In Menorca opus on Soul Jazz Records, Edwards firmly established himself as a producer of many, if not all trades. Thought of, produced and conceived during the first lockdown of 2020, 99 is conceptual (with the tempo firmly set at that tempo), concise (34 minutes and 34 seconds long) and content with exploring the possibilities of limitation (one track a day, live takes, no editing).

    Without departing the original Rekid ethos of glacial music, it presents a modernized and contemporary version of IDM tropes, chill out topics and a capturing sound of mesmerizing materiality.

    After a while, it all made sense to Edwards as one piece, was presented to Running Back, where the A& R department thought the same and is now available as a continuous cassette mix and a separated vinyl single album as well as for streaming and downloads.
    Jeep music for ballet dancers.//

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