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Super Flu, Viktor Talking Machine – Dream EP / MONA083

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ARTIST(S): Super Flu, Viktor Talking Machine

REMIXERS: Chinaski

LABEL: Monaberry / MONA083
GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2022-06-24


  1. Super Flu, Viktor Talking Machine – All da Ravers (05:47) , 124
  2. Viktor Talking Machine – Dream (06:11) , 125
  3. Viktor Talking Machine – Lovely Day (06:54) , 125
  4. Super Flu, Viktor Talking Machine – All da Ravers (Chinaski Emulator Remix) (04:53) , 129

Total Playtime: 00:23:45 min

Over 9.000.000 people will sink their hard-earned money into new music this year. If you’re one of them, you may soon find your money sinking beyond reach. Since the average DJ gets rid of his music after 32 days, your Monaberry release will probably survive just long enough to become a number one hit for 2 years. So if you always seem to be running out of money, maybe it’s because you’re always running out of Monaberry releases.
All Da Ravers can change all that. Super Flu and Viktor Talking Machine teamed do give you a long lasting release. We won’t undermine your investment by making it obsolete in the future. (The only significant difference between the last releases and this, for example, is a massive Chinaski remix.) So you won’t mind holding on to it for several years. You shouldn’t have much trouble doing it, either. 9 out of every 10 Monaberry releases in the last eleven years are still in the top ten.
And while we can’t guarantee a new Monaberry will last that long, three years from now you should find yourself keeping the money you’d normally spend for new tracks.
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For further information on the release that makes them possibe, consult your Monaberry dealer.//

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