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VA – SUM 12 / SNDST106

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ARTIST(S): Avision, Daryl Stay, DJ Dextro, Gutto Serta, Isabel Soto, Juliet Fox, KOMFORTRAUSCHEN, My Flower, Valentinø, Simon Stiglmeier, Soto, Yotam Avni


LABEL: Second State / SNDST106
GENRE: Lossless, Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
RELEASED: 2022-07-08


  1. Yotam Avni – Panic (06:15) , 130
  2. My Flower, Valentinø – Lightfire (05:33) , 140
  3. Soto – Core (05:28) , 143
  4. Simon Stiglmeier – Dancy (05:59) , 135
  5. KOMFORTRAUSCHEN – Each Second (06:45) , 138
  6. Juliet Fox – Subconscious Reset (07:05) , 136
  7. Isabel Soto – Momentum (06:03) , 132
  8. Gutto Serta – Maximize (05:54) , 86
  9. DJ Dextro – Omonoia (05:32) , 70
  10. Daryl Stay – Phalanx (05:30) , 136
  11. Avision – The Tunnel (06:27) , 67

Total Playtime: 01:06:31 min

Second State drops its next ‘various artists’ compilation this summer featuring 12 producers from today’s techno scene, showcasing their individual sound and production skills. The 11 tracks each incorporate elements from techno sub-genres to create a varied and intoxicating release from the Berlin imprint, welcoming Second State regulars and new names alike to continue paving the way for the label’s sound. 

Returning to Second State is Yotam Avni, who opens the record with the dynamically layered ‘Panic’. The breakdowns of this track switch up during its flow, varying in intensity as it progresses. Valentinø and My Flower hasten the pace with ‘Lightfire’, packed with minimal drumwork, booming bass and phased bursts of ethereal keys. Up next is Simon Stiglmeier with a piece of kaleidoscopic techno in ‘Dancy’, complete with a grooving vocal synth. SOTO follows with enveloping bass and rippling synth waves in ‘Core’, whilst Techno live band Komfortrauschen power on with a warbling bassline and whirring atmospherics with ‘Each Second’. 

’Subconscious Reset’ from Juliet Fox contributes a barrage of alarms and sharp, chilling synths that echo menacingly throughout, followed by Isabel Soto with pulsating cut ‘Momentum’ – a stripped back, down-tempo roller. Gutto Serta takes listeners down a rabbit hole with trippy cut ‘Maximize’, with airy pads whispering underneath bleeps and a sultry vocal sample. Building the record to crescendo is Dextro’s booming and raucous track ‘Maximize’, with razor sharp hoover sounds and an earth-shattering kick & hi-hat combo. Maintaining the powerful energy is Daryl Stay with his propulsive weapon ‘Phalanx’, followed by the final track from Avision, ‘Tunnel’, featuring playful synth and acid lines that bounce over the phased percussion, and a shift in pitch to build the track’s intensity.//

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