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VA – 2 Years Cecille / CEC2YC

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RELEASE: 2 Years Cecille
ARTIST(S): AFFKT, Felipe Venegas, Boola, Negru, Daniel Kampf, Ethyl, Huxley, Iranzo Lasia, Nick Curly, Premiesku


LABEL: Cecille | CEC2YC
RELEASED: 2010-04-30


  1. AFFKT, Felipe Venegas – Meilan (07:48) key, bpm126
  2. Nick Curly – Right Or Wrong (06:17) key, bpm123
  3. Ethyl, Huxley – Byzantine (2YC Ethyl Remix) (07:04) key, bpm119
  4. Premiesku – Les Tuileries (07:09) key, bpm126
  5. Daniel Kampf – Honolulu (05:56) key, bpm126
  6. Boola, Negru – Red Alert (07:38) key, bpm126
  7. AFFKT, Felipe Venegas – Azufaifo (11:05) key, bpm125
  8. Iranzo Lasia – Nonom (Original Mix (Digital Bonus)) (07:18) key, bpm124
  9. Premiesku – Haiku Chicu (Original Mix (Digital Bonus)) (09:19) key, bpm124
  10. Daniel Kampf – The Kids (Original Mix (Digital Bonus)) (07:08) key, bpm128
  11. Daniel Kampf – 1.0 (Original Mix (Digital Bonus)) (09:00) key, bpm121
  12. Daniel Kampf – Feel The Power (Original Mix (Digital Bonus)) (08:38) key, bpm124
  13. Daniel Kampf – I Got My Baby (Original Mix (Digital Bonus)) (08:16) key, bpm124
  14. Daniel Kampf – Last Frisbee (Original Mix (Digital Bonus)) (09:06) key, bpm124

Total Playtime: 01:51:42 min

// support by:
Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Cassy, Reboot, Karotte, Gregor Tresher, Monika Kruse, Nick Curly, Chris Tietjen, Markus Fix, Onur Özer, Tobi Neumann

Two years – this is only 24 months or 730 days, according to the generally accepted Gregorian calendar – and thus quite a short time. However, a short time in which Marc Scholl and Nick Curly have nevertheless succeeded in taking their label baby CÈCILLE RECORDS, founded in 2007, ahead of Minimal House and Techno imprints. A period of time after which you don’t need to compete with long-time established labels anymore but after which you are capable of doing so without problems. A period of time within which one has released twenty-six 12″ releases as well as one CD and thus not only having stirred up the scene as such but also turning the Rhein Main area again into a fixed and well-received spot on the clubland map. Tribute is paid to the success within that period of time with the double compilation “2YC – 2 YEARS CÉCILLE RECORDS”.//

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