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Allan Shotter – Temples / DMU092

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RELEASE: Temples
ARTIST(S): Allan Shotter

REMIXERS: Definition

LABEL: Definition:Music / DMU092
GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2022-09-23


  1. Allan Shotter – Temples (05:14) , 120
  2. Allan Shotter – Ueno (04:14) , 118
  3. Allan Shotter – Cube March (07:21) , 120
  4. Allan Shotter – Ueno (Definition Remix) (06:55) , 118

Total Playtime: 00:23:44 min

Temples is a tempting invitation into another world, full of light and movement. From the second the synth comes in this track has got us deep in its pocket. Shotter manages something that is hard to achieve – he has us floating completely, yet steadily carried by tip-toeing metallic rhythm elements and the relentless swells of bright synths. The game changer in the second half is a new, gritty bass quality, which couldn’t roll in any more fiercely. At its fullest the track has us in an uncompromising trance, a relentless movement that we don’t ever want to escape from. Breaking back down to pleasantly gentle hi-hat reverb-tails and inducing synth patterns Temples lets us down easy, with the unspoken promise to return.
Ueno claims the room to itself completely and immediately. The rise and fall of melodic synth lines lead us through a labyrinth at first, leaving plenty of space for imagination. Before we notice playful call-and-response rhythms are teasing our ears, until the track surrenders itself to an ever-growing wave of synth patterns and their behind-the-beat-delay. It climaxes into a haunting silence with tenuous high-pitched sounds and a clear outer space feel. Finally, all elements lock into a comforting groove, driving us forward, not too fast, not too slow – exactly right.
The track starts off with a blissfully nostalgic vintage-feel – slightly muffled, like the humbling quality you get from an old Technics playing your favourite LP. But don’t be fooled, Cube March is bold. And unexpected. Stomping rhythms take over quickly and full-blown gritty synth-stabs cut the air effortlessly, like blades. An unapologetic and careless pumping bass line makes us want to move with every cell in our body. Shotter demonstrates his fearlessness in experimenting with heavy contrasts and elements from different genres here. A break with tastefully placed repetitive rhythm elements is complemented by the constant ebb and flow of melody lines. Both in volume and presence they fluctuate, one handing over the spotlight to the other seamlessly, keeping us hooked until the very end.
This remix lures you away from reality in a matter of seconds, with Definition’s signature heavy hitting bass dominating. He expertly weaves shimmery fills into buoyant synth lines and brings us a skilful mix of dark minimal techno, breaks and infectious monster synth lines. Every so often, he adds a new layer, increasing the depth of the track, before letting it all crumble in a breakdown where time stops and tension grows, as we impatiently await the next rise to carry us away. The lengthy build-ups give this remix the energy to fill any room, easily. It is subtle, yet propulsive, too – a lane that Definition seems to manage regularly.//

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