Audhentik – Hypno / GRSCL24

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ARTIST(S): Audhentik


LABEL: Greyscale / GRSCL24
GENRE: Lossless, Electronica
RELEASED: 2022-09-16


  1. Audhentik – Perspectives (06:00) , 96
  2. Audhentik – Ritual (03:13) , 113
  3. Audhentik – Period (05:31) , 101
  4. Audhentik – Hypno (09:38) , 96
  5. Audhentik – Infinite Edit (03:20) , 143
  6. Audhentik – Static (05:41) , 124
  7. Audhentik – Crackle Dub (01:44) , 100
  8. Audhentik – Dimmer (04:18) , 161
  9. Audhentik – Dictaphone Dub (05:52) , 153
  10. Audhentik – Between Sounds (01:17) , 97
  11. Audhentik – Cast Away (05:08) , 75
  12. Audhentik – Float (04:55) , 83
  13. Audhentik – Infinite (05:01) , 101
  14. Audhentik – Reclusive (05:33) , 87

Total Playtime: 01:07:11 min

Greyscale’s next full-length release come from German based artist Audhentik. Titled ‘Hypno’, this album encompasses 14 pieces that dive deep into a heavily-based synthetic world of atmospheric ambient and dub. Imagine if you took some amazing pictures of a desert island then put on a pair of ambient dub filtered glasses on. A picture-esque nature beach scene has been processed so heavily that they evoke memories of a place you have been before. This is a true artistry in ambience.
‘Perspectives’ combines a wonderful balance of field recordings with washed out chords of grandeur. Breathtaking and majestic like looking down on to a city from an amazing view off a mountaintop. ‘Period’ explores an off-kilter dub rhythm while feeling stuck in a languid moment of disorientation as the track disperses the tension near the end. That astounding build leads perfectly in to the title piece.
‘Hypno’ is a 9+ minute journey deep into the abyss with a track of pure aural pleasure. Epic is an understatement here. A standout among many other standout’s here. ‘Infinite Edit’ is one of the key interlude’s that link the tracks together on the album. This one provides a thinner airier stratosphere then the previous ones giving you a chance to catch your breath as you prepare for another trek into the depths of ‘Static’. This one has you feeling adrift in a nautical theme of optimism through the arduous recent events of a shaky future. A wonderful storytelling is evolving on ‘Hypno’…
The aquatic theme continues with the audible world pool that is ‘Cast Away’. A breezy and briskly processed desert island track for the dub fans. You can almost see the palm trees swaying in the background and feel the warm sand on your feet. ‘Float’ and ‘Infinite’ continue to carry out this vast vortex of immense melodic euphoria. The combination of being soothing but still enormous and busy
is a balance that is successfully achieved throughout this album. When Audhentik told us about his direction on the album he said ‘My goal was to create something which you can enjoy at home on your headphones and also for outdoor festivals or afterhours vibes in clubs with big floors.’ We think he more than accomplished his goal and then some. ‘Reclusive’ is the amazing finale to the album that
is sure to have everyone eagerly awaiting more from this talented artist. Audhentik has made a stunner. ‘Hypno’ is released on CD + Digital.//

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