Dazion, MC Paul T – Grooveboxxx / DKMNTL093

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RELEASE: Grooveboxxx
ARTIST(S): Dazion, MC Paul T


PUBLISHER: Dekmantel / DKMNTL093
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Electronica
RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-21
FILE SIZE: (360.26 MB)

Grooveboxxx have 13 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Dazion, MC Paul T – Welcome to Grooveboxxx featuring MC Paul T (01:04) 11B, 91
  2. Dazion – Meet Me at the Mecca (05:04) 02A, 124
  3. Dazion – Jetlag (04:05) 11B, 120
  4. Dazion – La DS (06:36) 06A, 130
  5. Dazion – Eau Membership (05:49) 03A, 127
  6. Dazion – Marathon (Rap Version) (04:52) 10A, 67
  7. Dazion – Kimberly & Nance Backstage Rehearsal (03:30) 04A, 123
  8. Dazion – Secretly Silly (06:20) 02A, 127
  9. Dazion – Sound of the Dune Town (05:38) 02A, 126
  10. Dazion – Asta Grand Closing (02:51) 07A, 136
  11. Dazion – Exposure (05:01) 10B, 128
  12. Dazion – Sandokan (U-Nite in Peace) (04:10) 07A, 125
  13. Dazion – The Temple (08:23) 04B, 119

Total Playtime: 01:03:23 min

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Welcome to Dazions Grooveboxxx a maxi-sized love letter to The Hagues 80s and 90s club scene crafted with minimal tools and loaded with vibe. Its no coincidence it arrives on Dekmantel, a label with its own roots in the same Dutch citys electronic music culture.

Dazion is The Hagues Cris Kuhlen, previously spotted releasing on Second Circle, Safe Trip and Animals Dancing. He cut his teeth clubbing and working at long-since closed clubs like Eau, described in Kuhlens own words as, clubs with blocks to dance on, lazers, decorations, crazy extravert [sic] parties.

In capturing the spirit of Eau and the other formative parties of his youth, Kuhlen limited himself to just one machine to make his longest work to date the Roland MC-303 Groovebox. While these entry level units from the mid-90s had stripped down functionality in the wider spectrum of studio gear, they contained all the iconic Roland sounds in a Rompler style, giving the user access to everything necessary to make raw, immediate club tracks without requiring an entire studios worth of hardware.

The brash gear of choice set the tone for a record of rough, ready and playful jams which end up more sophisticated than youd expect from such limited means. La DS jacks with a freaky, bleep techno intensity, while Kimberly & Nance Backstage Rehearsal rides an angular groove tooled to inspire the weirdest dance moves of the night. Every track is named in reference to a particular nightspot, a hazy memory or moment from Kuhlens formative raving years.

This is the sound of Dazion having the time of his life. You might well hear a nod to the odd rock totem being given a re-version in irreverent new beat style or some gnarly US acid breaks vibes riding underneath helium rap licks. But for all the cheekiness, the tracks stand up both as nods to halcyon days and relevant workouts for the sweatiest parties in the here and now. As MC Paul T says in dramatic style heralding the intro of Grooveboxxx, This movement will live on forever.//

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