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Something Else, AntiAlias – Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed by MPathy / SYYKBLK078

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RELEASE: Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed by MPathy
ARTIST(S): AntiAlias, Something Else


PUBLISHER: Steyoyoke Black / SYYKBLK078
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Progressive House
RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-21
FILE SIZE: (75.62 MB)

Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed by MPathy have 2 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Something Else – Breathe (MPathy Remix) (06:36) 09B, 158
  2. AntiAlias – Seas Of Thought (MPathy Remix) (06:24) 04A, 125

Total Playtime: 00:13:00 min

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MPathy has returned to the Steyoyoke Black imprint with his interpretation of a timeless classics, “Seas of Thought” by AntiAlias and “Breathe” from Something Else. “Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed” is a powerful and haunting combination of recordings that will blot out distractions and entrance your soul.

This collection of remixes is marked by a potently dark and soul-stirring vibe. The nostalgic bass swells, stubby plucky leads, and emotive horns highlight MPathy’s rendition of Something Else’s original, “Breathe”. Picking up the pace, MPathy continues the inky vibe with a driving, atmospheric and growly remix of AntiAlias’s track, “Seas of Thought”. Moving from groovy to forceful without losing the overall hypnotic tone and shadowy ambiance is an example of MPathy’s experience and range.

MPathy’s version of “Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed” is a multilayered journey into the sentimental. Beguiling, enveloping, and powerful all at the same time; this is the depth of dark ethereal we emit. Prepare yourself to be on the edge of insanity.//

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