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Matija, Richard Elcox, Felipe Puertes, Smalltown Collective, Guy Herman, Chris Sen, Trees of Tampa, TSCHAN, Roman Blum, SOAME – V.A. – Hive Audio Summer Slices 2022 / HA123

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RELEASE: V.A. – Hive Audio Summer Slices 2022
ARTIST(S): Felipe Puertes, Guy Herman, Chris Sen, Matija, Richard Elcox, Roman Blum, Smalltown Collective, SOAME, Trees of Tampa, TSCHAN


LABEL: Hive Audio | HA123
GENRE: AIFF, Deep House
RELEASED: 2022-10-21


  1. Matija, Richard Elcox – Land Of Zilla (08:44) key, bpm122
  2. Felipe Puertes – Everything Of Life (08:02) key, bpm120
  3. Smalltown Collective – Amira (07:43) key, bpm124
  4. Guy Herman, Chris Sen – Hexagon (07:33) key, bpm122
  5. Trees of Tampa – Sorcerer (08:02) key, bpm123
  6. TSCHAN – Gosar (06:56) key, bpm125
  7. Roman Blum – Under The Table (08:07) key, bpm125
  8. SOAME – Heat (07:45) key, bpm124

Total Playtime: 01:02:52 min

Eagerly awaited, the third and final instalment of the label’s anniversary “Hive Audio 10 Years” trilogy is here with us. To round off this special treat and new-trip-around-the-sun celebration, we’ve gathered an ultimate cluster of talents who’ve been at the heart of our club and label’s success over the years and shall keep it ticking into the next. Opening festivities, Moroccan producer Amine K dishes out a most speaking sample of his floor sweeping abilities with the big-room-oriented “Hecate”: an infinitely cascading, hypnotically entrancing sharp-shooter primed for massive traction thru and thru. True to their all-embracing approach, fellow Zürich-based outfit Animal Trainer switch the focus onto Afro-informed polyrhythms, fusing soulful choirs and kalimba chords with future-ready bass moves, panpipes and poignant strings on a cinematic tip. Brooklyn’s very own Djuma Soundsystem is next with the hauntingly deep “Kazika”, featuring the multi-talented Marc Grebber – a slice of pure shadow-clad hoodooism tinged with polyphonic onslaughts and shamanic incantations for good measure. For his part, Stil vor Talent head honcho Oliver Koletzki graces us with the heart-breaking “Same Old Loop Shit”, a delicate hybrid of luminescent synthwaves and hip-hop-laced house better tasted at sunset time on the rooftop, with a fresh cocktail in hand and your loved one by your side. Punching in with the further low-key and intimate “Survival”, Mexico’s one and only Robbie Akbal takes us for an exquisitely lush and vivid ride across sensual electronic scapes, fleshing it out with hints of Latin, folk-indebted guitars and tropes. Back to a gung-ho kind of mindset, Seth Schwarz tops this final leg with the brutally jagged “Marco Polo”, a straight-out tonking piece of electro-shocking bass music, tailored to knock askew every raver in its wake.//

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