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Soul Button – Dalliance / SYYK180

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RELEASE: Dalliance
ARTIST(S): Soul Button


PUBLISHER: Steyoyoke / SYYK180
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Progressive House
FILE SIZE: (50.40 MB)

Dalliance have 1 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Soul Button – Dalliance (07:56) 03B, 123

Total Playtime: 00:07:56 min

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Soul Button presents his driving yet alluring new single, “Dalliance”. It is a mysterious and all encompassing display of atmosphere and texture that whisks the listener away on a journey across the sands of time.

“Dalliance” is a sublimely flowing and eternal track which will transport you to an obscure and shrouded desert far off in the east. With its mystifying vocal chant stealing the show, this piece will keep you entranced until the sunrise. The groove is unmistakably ethnic and delicately panned to give the feeling of a starry night; all the while a breeze blows by way of a high octave set of flowing pads.

“Dalliance” is a wonderful blend of groove, ambiance and mystery. This tracks takes the ethereal context and brings it into the real world by presenting a conduit for a voyage to a far off land.//

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