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Bachir Salloum – Never Landing – EP / BALANCE041EP

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RELEASE: Never Landing – EP
ARTIST(S): Bachir Salloum


MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Progressive House
RELEASE DATE: 2023-02-17
FILE SIZE: (66.79 MB)

Never Landing – EP have 4 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Bachir Salloum – Never Landing (08:06) 01B, 123
  2. Bachir Salloum – Binary Vision (06:19) 08B, 120
  3. Bachir Salloum – Escape Tunnel (07:32) 06B, 122
  4. Bachir Salloum – White Samurai (07:02) 10B, 122

Total Playtime: 00:28:59 min

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eng||10/1Adriel Cruz – "Out With a Bang"*
Ascent Project – "Living Water"*
Ashley Lagunas – "Mighty Hero (Gideon)"*
Beach Chapel – "Shiny Stuff"
Brandon Heath – "Human Nature (Acoustic)"*
daFoo – "Fighting With A Young Heart"*
Daniela Galeano, Omy Alka & Kev Miranda – "Gracia"*
Dillon Chase – "Already Won"*
Eliza King – "Feel Holy"*
Esperanza de Vida – "Lo Mejor Está Por Llegar"*
Honor & Glory – "Come Alive"*
Hopeful. – "Enough" feat. Hunter Jackson & Randy James*
IMRSQD, Moflo Music & Sammie Lee – "lifetime"*
Influence Music – "10,000 Armies (Live)" feat. Whitney Medina*
Jillian Edwards – "Flourishing, Thriving"
Jimi Cravity – "Wonder"*
JJ Heller – "When I Care for You"
John Michaеl Howell – "Just Friends"*
Joshua Luke Smith – "Odyssеy (Live)" feat. Jacques Miché*
Limoblaze & Konola – "Come Outside"*
Lion of Judah – "Sometimes I Feel Low"
LZ7 – "Back In Time"*
Marie Love & Faith Lofi – "will it be enough?"
Melanie Penn – "How to Sing"
Memphis May Fire – "Somebody"
MBL Worship & Brennan Joseph – "My Eyes Have Seen the King (Spontaneous) "*
MBL Worship & Brennan Joseph – "One Look (Live)"*
Mission House – "Your Eyes See Me (Acoustic)" feat. Nashville Life Music, Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt
Moriah – "Trust"
Nicole Harris – "Testify"*
Paul Wilbur – "Shouts Of Joy / Sing For Joy / Roni, Roni, Bat Zion (Medley)"*
Prince Tai – "Come By Here"*
Rae Rae – "Cover Me"*
Ricardo Montaner & Kirk Franklin – "Amén" feat. Mau y Ricky, Camilo & Evaluna Montaner*
Ryan Ellis – "Need"
Salt Of The Sound – "On Holy Ground"*
Sarah Nathalié – "Honey" feat. Nina Sengson
Scootie Wop, BigBreeze & GodFearin – "LAY UP (Remix)"*
Steven Malcolm – "On Point" feat. KB
Terrian – "Wake Up"
The Hoppers – "Glory Up Ahead"*
Wilder Adkins – "Crown Him with Many Crowns" feat. Tenielle Neda & Zambroa*
William Lee Golden and The Goldens – "Come and Dine"*
WorshipMob – "Spirit Move"10/6Fuego – "Estar Presente"10/8Aaron Cole – "FRONT ROW"
All Creatures – "Wonder Working (Neon Feather Remix)"

Alvin Cedric – "Lost In the Feels"*
A Sudden Branch for Safety & Young Oceans – "Reason"*
Austin Joyce – "EXHALE" feat. Christopher Syncere*
Bethany Music – "Satisfied" feat. Chris Burns & Charlin Neal
Brooke Nicholls – "Still" feat. Movement Worship*
City Students Worship & Church of the City – "Alleluia" feat. Paige Lewis*
CRC Music – "You Restore"*
Dami Im – "Pray"
Dan Bremnes – "Run Away With Me"
Emissary – "Anthem of Our Souls"
Ethan Nathaniel – "Corners of My Room"*
F’rael – "da’ Weekend" feat. Kalin Jones & Cj Pitts*
Gatton – "Landslide"
Hillsong Worship – "Never Walk Alone (Live)" feat. Mi-kaisha Rose
Janet Blair – "Oh Be My Vision"*
John Mark McMillan – "Has It Been You" feat. Sarah McMillan
Jonathan Allen Wright – "Doorways and Tombstones"*
JUDAH., Dante Bowe & Aaron Moses – "i love You"*
Kennis Clark – "No Excuses"*
Keyondra Lockett – "Made A Way" feat. Q Parker*
Kinnship & Pablo Nouvelle – "Stones & Geysers"*
MAKEBA – "Vulnerable"*
Mark Barlow – "Waterfall"
Mark Lee – "Finest Hour"*
More Rain – "Only Jesus"*
NIRVA – "Higher"*
Point of Grace – "Gloria (The King Has Come)"*
RICHLIN – "My Promised Land"*
Rick Pino – "Nothing Else (Live)" feat. Abbie Gamboa
River Valley AGES – "Tightrope"
R-Swift & Sho Baraka – "Real Ones Winning" feat. Avila*
Saint James, Alphein & Lundi – "No Fake Love"*
Sanctus Real – "How Many Times"
S.O. & Shopé – "Prosper (Remix)"
The Belonging Co & Andrew Holt – "Jesus Over Everything (Radio Edit)"*
The Color – "Too Many Times"
The Vigil Project – "May We be One" feat. Corrie Marie*
Tim Timmons – "This is the Day (Live With Friends)"*
Wade Walker – "Golden Hour"*
Will Edwards – "My Cup Overflows"10/10knwbdy – "runaway"10/13Poor Bishop Hooper – "Psalm 94"10/14Blessing Offor – "Brighter Days"
Blessing Offor – "Tin Roof"10/15Aaron David – "On The Way"
Abby Robertson – "How He Loves (Live from Ocean Way)"*
Ale Fdz & Chris Quilala – "Es por tu amor"*
Alan Cox – "You Make Me Better"*
Battz – "Yeshua Freestyle"
Benny Manaligod – "Street Where U Grew Up" feat. Darla Baltazar & Nina Sengson*
Benjamin Hastings – "Faith Is"
Benjamin Hastings – "Homeward"*
Bloodlines – "Ruah"
Brandon Heath – "Another Song About Love"
Caleb McCoy – "Render Unto Caesar" feat. Disciple D.I.*
CalledOut Music – "Say So"
Citizens – "(Why Don’t You) Marry Christmas"*
Citizen Way – "Fight My Fight for Me" feat. Trampolines
Covenant Worship – "Where is Our King?"
Crossroads Music – "Anything to Bless Your Heart"*
C3 NYC – "Lifetime (Live)"
daFOO – "Shalom & Salem (Crayon 88 Remix)"*
Eversmith – "My Soul Magnifies"*
First15 Worship – "Refreshing"*
Gabriel Cartulano & Miel San Marcos – "No Temas"*
Gas Street Music & Luke Hellebronth – "Return to You"
Grace City – "Why Would I Wait (Live)" feat. Michael Delgado & Anna Hallsten
Gungor – "Everything Is Hallelujah"
Jabari Johnson – "One Touch (Radio Edit)"*
James Paek – "Exit Us"*
Jay Kalyl – "Quema Por Dentro"*
Jenn Bostic – "Leave It At The Cross"*
John Mark Pantana – "What a Love"
Jonathan Miller – "At the Mention"*
Jonathan Ogden & Chris Howland – "Alright (Remix)"
Jonathan Ogden & Chris Howland – "Alright (Remix) "*
Joshua Luke Smith – "The Void (Live)" feat. Sophia Rebekah Mitchell*
Kevin Quinn – "I’m Still Breathing"
Lauren Grace – "It’s Alright"*
Mack Brock – "What A Good God"
Melanie Waldman – "Show Me Mercy (Psalm 140)" feat. Jesse Isley*
Mission House – "My Eyes Are Open (Acoustic)"*
Montell Fish – "Call U Tomorrow"
Mudhouse – "I Think I Love You"*
Muntjac – "Return to Eden"*
Nathan Wagner & 4th Point – "Run"
Nu Tone & Rio 24k – "Your Voice" feat. Yohan Yemba*
Propaganda – "2:30"
Pursue Worship – "We Make Room"*
Rachael Lampa – "We Can Be Free"*
Red Rocks Worship – "Echo Holy (In Studio)"
Relena-Rochelle – "Nothing Else"
Rock City Worship – "Kingdom Crowns"*
Sarah Hawkyard – "Who is Guiding You?"*
Sarah Kroger – "Light Has Come"*
Sarah Reeves – "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
SEU Worship – "Walk with You" feat. Dan Rivera
Simple Hymns – "How Great You Are"*
Stars Go Dim – "The First Noel"
Swaizy – "HEATIN UP"
The Sing Team – "Do You Hear What I Hear"*
Vertical Worship – "How Good Is He (Live from Chicago)"*
Victory Worship, Sam Mow & Dominic DeMeo – "Better"
Vineyard Worship – "Prayer of Consecration" feat. Olu Meduoye*
Wolves at the Gate – "Shadows"
Xander Sallows & Sam Bowman – "someone"10/20Poor Bishop Hooper – "Psalm 95"10/22Aaron Shust – "Every Morning"*
AHI – "Say It to Me"*
Alvin Cedric – "Enough" feat. Joseph Goulding*
Amongst Wolves – "See You Instead"*
Andy Cherry – "Orphan (Live)"*
Anna Beaden – "Awe!"*
Anne Wilson – "My Jesus" feat. Crowder
Apex Frazier & Noah Brown – "DeLorean"*
aquatonic – "When You Called"*
Audacious Worship – "No One Else"*
BigBreeze – "Play It Safe"*
Brandyn Kalani – "EVERY LITTLE THING"*
Brent Cobb – "We Shall Rise"*
Casting Crowns – "The Power of the Cross"
CRC Music – "You Restore (Acoustic)"*
Erica Reed – "Building "What are you waiting on?""*
GV3 & Duo Franco – "Rise Up"*
Hannah Kerr – "Grave"
He Is We – "Finish Line"*
Hillsong Worship – "That’s The Power (Live)" feat. Benjamin Hastings
Hollyn – "Opinions"
James Gardin & Terem – "Damage"*
Jason Crabb – "Home For Christmas"*
J.Dapper – "Edicius." feat. nobigdyl.
Jesse10s & Kingdmusic – "Yesu Bambi (Acoustic)"*
Joe Garza – "Lean Back"*
Jordan Feliz – "Joy To Our World"
Jordan St. Cyr – "Rejoice"*
Joseph O’Brien – "Stages"*
JXHN PVUL – "nostalgic love"*
Kirby Kaple – "Let It Be So"*
K-SEE – "On My Block" feat. S.E.J., A3 & 350*
LEÓN – "Believe In Me" feat. 1K Phew*
Levi Mitchell – "You"*
Lindsay McCaul – "Come, O Lord (Maranatha)"*
Lou Fellingham – "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus"*
Mark Barlow – "You Didn’t Break It"
Marqus Anthony – "In The Water"*
Melody Lynn – "Broke My Own Heart"*
Metro Life Worship, Steph Alessi Muiña & Mary Alessi – "Earth Quaking (Live)"*
Miles Minnick – "IONEEDUM"
MUCH MORE – "Good 2 Me"*
RAY G & Xay Hill – "Real Ones" feat. Brian Morales
Rebecca St. James and for KING & COUNTRY – "Kingdom Come"
Rel McCoy – "Because Of You"*
RIDERS & Circuit Rider Music – "Without You"
Riley Clemmons – "Stuck Inside My Head (Single Mix)"*
Ronny Hinson – "The Lighthouse (50 Year Celebration)"*
SongLab- "We Love (Live)" feat. Edwin Stephens & Connianna Conrad*
Steffany Gretzinger – "As The Deer"
The Church Will Sing – "Messiah" feat. Jordan St. Cyr & Eagle Brook Music*
The Old Paths – "Every Story Whispers His Name"*
The Young Escape – "It’s Gonna Get Better"
Tribl & Cecily – "Defender"*
United Pursuit – "Calm Before the Storm"
Verses – "Psalm 121:7-8" feat. Rivers & Robots*
Verses – "1 Corinthians 15:51-52" feat. Ghost Ship*
Vive Worship – "Nothing Less (Live)"*
WILLO – "Remember"10/23Jem Pryse – "calm in the storm"10/24Caleb Gordon – "Holy Spirit Activate" feat. Hulvey10/29Abby Holliday – "Better By Now"*
All Creatures – "The Night The Sky Joined In"*
Anderson Freire – "Confiar em Deus (Spotify Singles)"*
Anthony Evans – "Promise Keeper"*
Ben Lawrence & J.Steph – "why do i feel this way… (Sam Bowman Remix)" feat. Sam Bowman*
BigBreeze – "Super Charged"*
Brave Worship – "Famous For (I Believe)" feat. Krissy Nordhoff, Tamar Chipp & Amanda Kinner*
Caleb Lockwood – "Take A Moment"*
Chris Cron – "Christmas, I’m Not Ready"*
Chris Howland – "Sweet Somehow"
Christian Singleton & Matias Ruiz – "Heart of Worship (reimagined)"*
Community Music – "Grace Like Waters" feat. Cecily & Lucas & Evelyn Cortazio*
Dani Miché & Josh Ellis – "Help Me (Josh Ellis Remix)"*
Dara MacLean – "Back To The Beginning"*
Dawson Hollow – "Lovely Day"
D. Morton and Gifted – "IDKY Jesus Loves Me"*
Elias Dummer – "Carry" feat. JJ Heller*
Emily Faith – "Rebel (Remix)"*
Free Worship – "Venga Tu Reino"*
Futures – "Angels"*
gio. – "do u know my name?"*
Grace City – "Nothing Is Wasted (Live)" feat. Bobby Walker & Kenzie Walker
Gui Brazil & SARVIA – "Trust (Hold on Tight), Live at Hsn Germany 2021"*
Hillside Recording & Eliza King – "Gratitude (Acoustic)"*
Hillsong UNITED – "Sure Thing"
Jasmine Simone – "Dreamteam" feat. 1K Phew*
Jillian Edwards – "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"*
Jordan Smith – "O Come (Let Us Adore)"*
Konata Small & S.O. – "Whole Team Winning"*
Landry Cantrell – "Last Christmas With You"
Leanna Crawford – "Breath Of Heaven (Mary’s Song)"*
Lil Goat & Bachi – "Heart On Fire"*
Love & The Outcome – "Christmas Lights"
Lovkn – "Greater is He"
Lovkn – "Lean Back"
Lucky Luciano – "Lift You Up" feat. Gabe De La Fuego*
Marc Martel – "Welcome To Our World" feat. Leigh Nash*
MBL Worship, Brennan Joseph & Carly Joseph – "One King (Live)"*
Melissa Bethea – "You’re Coming Out"*
Middle River Hymnal – "In The Bleak Midwinter"*
Moriah – "Worth (LIVE from the Quarry)" feat. Joel Smallbone
Morisette – "WATERWALK"
MRCLS – "House of Miracles"*
Neon Feather – "This Is My Son" feat. Seth Schleuter*
Newsboys – "The Christmas Song"*
PEABOD – "My Favorite Part"
NK4 & Red Tips – "My Zone"*
Rachael Nemiroff – "One Heart Two Homes"*
Raging Moses – "Refocus"*
RED Hands – "Can’t Wait (Radio Edit)" feat. Jonathan McReynolds
Rhett Walker – "All I Want For Christmas Is You"*
Rick Pino – "High And Lifted Up (Live)" feat. Abbie Gamboa
Ricky Dillard – "Behold Christ The Lord (Live)"*
Rita Springer, Seth Condrey & Centricity Worship – "You See Me (In Focus)"*
Ron Rawls – "Liquid Prayers"*
Ryan Clair Music – "Go Down Moses"*
Sanctuary Co. – "In the Fields"*
Sarah Reeves – "Winter Wonderland"*
Sharp Dialect – "Breakdown"*
Spencer Annis – "Safe Place (Acoustic)"*
Stars Go Dim & Hannah Ellis – "Home"*
Stephen Christian – "Awaken"*
sxxnt. & Joseph Whettam – "What Can Wash Away?"*
Tatiana Manaois – "25 DOING JUST FINE"*
Temitoope – "Let Fire Fall"*
Temitope – "Silver Lining" feat. Nathan Jess*
Tobe Nwigwe – "Day Ones (Swagger Edition)"
Tribl – "Ways for Me" feat. Dante Bowe
Tribl – "We Have Hope" feat. Joe L Barnes, Jonathan Traylor & Lizzie Morgan*
UPCI Music – "Won’t Let Me Go (Spanish Version)" feat. Abel Bonilla & Scarlett Elms
Uzuhan – "Never Going Back"*
Village Lights – "King of Salvation" feat. Ricky Vazquez
Wade Walker – "Broken Down Body"*
We Are Leo – "My Peace"
We The Kingdom & Dante Bowe – "God So Loved (Live)"*

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