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Lubelski – Happy Accidents Remixes / DB303

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RELEASE: Happy Accidents Remixes
ARTIST(S): Ardalan, Claude VonStroke, Life on Planets, Danke, House Alias, Lubelski, Wyatt Marshall

REMIXERS: AK SPORTS, Black Loops, Danny Goliger, Mary Droppinz, Maxinne, Nikki Nair, Pilo, Red Eye, Roman Flügel, RYBO, Skream, Troy Kurtz, WhereIsFenix, Yulia Niko

MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Tech House
FILE SIZE: (613.62 MB)

Happy Accidents Remixes have 16 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Lubelski – Asylum (Roman Flügel Remix) (05:55) 09A, 128
  2. Claude VonStroke, Life on Planets, Lubelski – Ice Cream Cone (Skream’s 909 Mix) (05:11) 09A, 130
  3. Claude VonStroke, Life on Planets, Lubelski – Ice Cream Cone (Skream’s Modular Mix) (03:57) 10A, 146
  4. Danke, Lubelski – Satisfied (Nikki Nair Remix) (05:15) 08A, 122
  5. Lubelski – Dreaming (Yulio Niko Remix) (06:13) 09B, 124
  6. Lubelski – Why Do You Do The Things You Do (Mary Droppinz Remix) (04:39) 12B, 133
  7. Lubelski – Why Do You Do The Things You Do (Red Eye’s Crash Planet ReVision) (07:41) 10A, 126
  8. Lubelski – Macrodose (AK Sports Remix) (06:55) 11B, 140
  9. Lubelski – Diffuser (Black Loops 1AM Mix) (06:25) 03A, 130
  10. Lubelski – Diffuser (Black Loops 4AM Mix) (06:40) 02A, 128
  11. Lubelski – Diffuser (RYBO Remix) (05:49) 02A, 127
  12. Ardalan, Lubelski – Just The Way (Danny Goliger Remix) (04:12) 05A, 135
  13. Lubelski, House Alias – Hey Kid I’m A Broken Computer (Pilo’s Everlasting Remix) (07:07) 12A, 135
  14. Lubelski – You Keep Me Up Late (Troy Kurtz Remix) (04:36) 04B, 130
  15. Danke, Lubelski – Satisfied (WhereIsFenix’s Punisher Remix) (06:57) 05A, 130
  16. Lubelski, Wyatt Marshall – Out Of Phase (Maxinne Remix) (05:53) 10A, 128

Total Playtime: 01:33:25 min

Download Happy Accidents Remixes in 320 MP3, FLAC, and AIFF

‘Something special happened when Lubelski’s Happy Accidents LP was released into the world at the end of 2021. Clubland opened its doors wide, left of center modular soundscapes permeated its dancefloors, and some of the biggest artists in the world cranked the tunes from sunup to sundown. In its wake, a madman synth-nerd stepped into the spotlight and the next chapter of Lubelski’s sometimes silly, always thoughtful, and never predictable performances took over DJ booths far and wide.

Now Lubelski shifts his attention to curating the Happy Accidents Remixes LP with the same care and rejection of the rules that the original represented. He’s tapped some of his foremost inspirations like Roman Flugel and Skream, underground icons du jour Nikki Nair, AK Sports, and Black Loops, super-risers Yulia Niko, Maxinne, and Mary Droppinz, plus some of his best buds in the studio and beyond like PILO, Troy Kurtz, Danny Golliger, RYBO, Whereisfenix, and Red Eye.

This is the type of multi-genre, no holds barred, smack you over the head curation that anyone who’s caught a Lubelski set over the last year knows well. Fun, credible and creative – it’s a party baby.//

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