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Odagled – Importante / MOD078

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RELEASE: Importante
ARTIST(S): Odagled

REMIXERS: Aaryan, Flave, Francesco Mami

PUBLISHER: Magician On Duty / MOD078
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Indie Dance
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-31
FILE SIZE: (275.39 MB)

Importante have 6 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Odagled – Importante (06:14) 10B, 125
  2. Odagled – Importante (Flave Remix) (05:13) 10B, 114
  3. Odagled – Importante (Aaryan Remix) (06:50) 10B, 124
  4. Odagled – Mechanic Doll (05:23) 11B, 123
  5. Odagled – Mechanic Doll (Francesco Mami Remix) (05:35) 08A, 127
  6. Odagled – Mechanic Doll (Francesco Mami Sunrise Remix) (12:02) 08A, 127

Total Playtime: 00:41:17 min

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A mechanic doll soars through the sky,
In search of truth, she learns to fly.
The universe is vast and wide,
But she won’t rest until she’s tried.

She scans the stars with careful eyes,
And wonders what it means to be alive.
Is there a purpose to our existence,
Or is it all just random chance and persistence?

As she journeys through the endless space,
She wonders if she’ll ever find her place.
But even if the answer eludes her still,
She knows that seeking is its own thrill.

So on she flies, with hope and grace,
A brave explorer in this cosmic race.
And though she may not find the key,
She’ll keep on searching endlessly.

Mastering by Robert Trifunović and Perla Audio//

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