VA – 13 Years Later, Pt. 1 / LTCD17A

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RELEASE: 13 Years Later, Pt. 1
ARTIST(S): Alex Attias, Sohan Wilson, Envee, Laroye, ManooZ, Nico Lahs, Rawson And Jackson, Shaka, Soul Renegades, Tom Funk, Dan Tenor-City


MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, House
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-10
FILE SIZE: (370.00 MB)

13 Years Later, Pt. 1 have 9 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Soul Renegades – Real Change (07:14) 07A, 125
  2. Shaka – Got To Get Better (07:04) 07A, 120
  3. Alex Attias, Sohan Wilson – Come Back To Me (06:43) 10A, 124
  4. Nico Lahs – Happenstance (05:52) 05A, 115
  5. Laroye – Get Down (Edit) (04:47) 06A, 121
  6. ManooZ – Piazza della Libertà (05:55) 12A, 124
  7. Envee – ELAM (04:38) 05A, 158
  8. Tom Funk, Dan Tenor-City – Open Destiny (Grace’s Song) (06:14) 06A, 124
  9. Rawson And Jackson – Where You Come From (04:36) 11B, 112

Total Playtime: 00:53:03 min

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We’ve now been at this since 2010 and over the years we’ve really tried to deliver the kind of house music (and beyond) that we would play, listen and dance to ourselves. 

We really tried to avoid the dangerous traps of following trends which in the long run can water down labels to just a music portal instead of a music brand with character. Basically, we aim to deliver our own musical personality via artists and producers that we love and respect. To sum things up, we are proud to present our second label compilation, Local Talk – 13 Years Later.
In part one of our 13 Years Later compilation we reached out to both regular in-house producers as well as some brand new friends on the house scene. 

As always, we try and aim for a wide spectrum of styles and you’ll hear everything from classic house, deep house, soulful house, Detroit(ish) house, broken, from some of our fave producers like Soul Renegades, Nico Lahs, Laroye, Alex Attias & Sohan Wilson. We also included producers like envee, Shaka, ManooZ, Dan Tenor-City & Tom Funk, Rawson And Jackson which we believe is doing exciting music and should be heard by many more. 

We sincerely hope you will enjoy this selection of dance MUSIC as much as we do and that there’s something for everyone on our compilation.//

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