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VA – Déepalma Soul Presents: Bar Essentials, Vol. 3 / DPLMSDC004

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RELEASE: Déepalma Soul Presents: Bar Essentials, Vol. 3
ARTIST(S): Alex Lo Faro, Alexander Som, KPD, Andre Rizo, Angelo Ferreri, Augusto Gagliardi, Ben Delay, Tess Leah, Christian Lamper, David Caballero, Nia Martin, Distant People, Hannah K., James Silk, Kataa, Valentin Ilie, Keyano, Kurtz, Mathias D., Kocham, Guibour, Momo Khani, Meindel, StanLei, Nathalia, Loui & Scibi, Raw Underground, Shanti, Aruhtra, Deeprule, Solntsev, T.Markakis, The Ger-Man, Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati

REMIXERS: 84Bit, CASSIMM, Meines, No Hopes, Misha Klein, Qubiko, Scott Diaz, Sebb Junior, Yescene, Zetaphunk, Yvvan Back

LABEL: Deepalma Soul | DPLMSDC004
RELEASED: 2023-03-17


  1. Augusto Gagliardi – Rainy Day (Extended Mix) (06:50) key, bpm122
  2. Momo Khani, Meindel, StanLei – Lecture feat. StanLei (Yescene Extended Remix) (07:36) key, bpm120
  3. Alex Lo Faro – Make Your Body Hot (Extended Mix) (05:43) key, bpm122
  4. Angelo Ferreri – Love Problems (Angelo’s Hard to Be Human Extended Mix) (05:55) key, bpm115
  5. Yves Murasca – All About Housemusic (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) (06:10) key, bpm123
  6. Kataa, Valentin Ilie – Belief (Misha Klein & No Hopes Remix) (05:54) key, bpm122
  7. Shanti, Aruhtra, Deeprule – Mon Soleil feat. Shanti (Extended Mix) (05:08) key, bpm120
  8. Andre Rizo – The Sun Will Never Go Down (Meines Extended Remix) (06:14) key, bpm124
  9. Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati – The Mind (Extended Mix) (06:49) key, bpm123
  10. David Caballero, Nia Martin – Back from the Stars feat. Nia Martin (CASSIMM Remix) (06:22) key, bpm124
  11. Mathias D., Kocham, Guibour – Yemen (Extended Mix) (04:35) key, bpm120
  12. Ben Delay, Tess Leah – Before I Let Go feat. Tess Leah (Qubiko Extended Remix) (06:42) key, bpm125
  13. Alexander Som, KPD – Jake Blues (Extended Mix) (06:23) key, bpm124
  14. James Silk – On My Mind (Extended Mix) (07:01) key, bpm128
  15. Nathalia, Loui & Scibi – Giving You the Light feat. Nathalia (Scott Diaz Softone Vocal Mix) (06:40) key, bpm126
  16. Distant People, Hannah K. – Rhythm of My Love feat. Hannah K. (Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk Extended Remix) (05:41) key, bpm124
  17. Keyano – Una Hora (Extended Mix) (06:45) key, bpm125
  18. Christian Lamper – Body Stuff (84Bit Extended Remix) (05:15) key, bpm124
  19. Solntsev – Your Eyes (Extended Mix) (06:58) key, bpm122
  20. The Ger-Man – Call Me (Extended Mix) (05:00) key, bpm124
  21. Kurtz – Stars at Night (Extended Mix) (05:57) key, bpm122
  22. Raw Underground – Smoothy (Extended Mix) (05:46) key, bpm123
  23. T.Markakis – Missing U (Extended Mix) (06:04) key, bpm122

Total Playtime: 02:21:28 min

On March 17 Déepalma spin-off imprint Déepalma Soul drops its first Various Artists release of 2023, Bar Essentials, Vol. 3, featuring a host of label friends.

The third installment of Déepalma Soul’s Bar Essentials series includes music from the likes of Angelo Ferreri, CASSIMM, Sebb Junior, Qubiko, Yves Murasca & Rosario Galati, Meines, Yvvan Back & ZetaPhunk, Scott Diaz and T.Markakis amongst others. Get mesmerized by a whole arsenal of enchanting vocal top lines and groove-abundant vibes.

‘Déepalma Soul Presents: Bar Essentials, Vol. 3’ is out on March 17th.

2023 marks an impressive milestone for Déepalma Records as they prepare to celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. The label has gone from strength to strength over the last decade, welcoming releases from some of the best-known artists on the planet whilst also helping springboard some of the industry’s most promising talents. To celebrate ten years of Déepalma, the imprint is releasing a set of special anniversary singles throughout the year, along with two extra-special editions of its renowned seasonal compilation series, packed with a wealth of amazing tracks.

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