Lauer – Harmony Unit / BAP179

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RELEASE: Harmony Unit
ARTIST(S): Lauer


PUBLISHER: Bordello A Parigi / BAP179
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Nu Disco / Disco
RELEASE DATE: 2023-04-14
FILE SIZE: (162.49 MB)

Harmony Unit have 4 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Lauer – Harmony Unit (05:32) 07B, 118
  2. Lauer – Betone (05:32) 09B, 105
  3. Lauer – Frizzante (07:03) 10B, 125
  4. Lauer – Playa (05:11) 08B, 126

Total Playtime: 00:23:18 min

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A new figure sashays their way into Bordello. In one hand, a bouquet of carnations, in the other a 12 record. Lauer. Philipp Lauer. Known for his incredible productions on labels like Running Back and Permanent Vacation, not to mention his collaborations, the German all around good guy delivers four gems. The title piece radiates warmth, clean drum patterns giving way to beaming synth bars with vocoder lyrics bopping to the bass. Light hi-hats and a wet snare are the fertile ground from which choral key shifts break to squelching acid in this addictively diverse work. The energy levels spike, like a cork spearing its way from a champagne bottle, for the unbridled enthusiasm of Frizzante. Piano stabs, pulsating percussion and an infectious groove. The Summer sun may have set, but Lauer is still at the Playa with his playful finale. An off-kilter melody ebbs and flows on a string of rhythms, dreamy tongue-in cheek synth play sailing this 12 off to the horizon.//

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