Moonbootica – Higher / MOON169

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ARTIST(S): Moonbootica


PUBLISHER: Moonbootique / MOON169
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Tech House
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-31
FILE SIZE: (73.50 MB)

Higher have 2 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Moonbootica – Higher (05:24) 07A, 125
  2. Moonbootica – Higher (Warehouse Version) (05:39) 07A, 125

Total Playtime: 00:11:03 min

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Electro enfants terribles and expert merchants of jacking house wares tailored to blow your pants off right away, Moonbootica pull out the big guns on their latest single, ‘Higher’, an intoxicating pumper designed at nothing but whipping crowds up into a frenzy, higher and higher indeed. Heeding the wild call of the groove, we find ourselves ushered in a playful maelstrom of sorts. Take a pinch of the oh so classic Chicagoan shuffle, sprinkle this with soulful sampling from a wave-saturating pop hit, inject it with barrages of sturdy bass and outré acid stabs larding the track’s jagged course onward a sheer euphoric headspace, and you pretty much got what ‘Higher’ is about: no-nonsense, hi-NRG pyrotechnics for the true party animals out there. Squeeze that juice hard, baby, for it’s full of vitamins and nutrients. Certified GMO-loaded belter in full effect.//

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