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Ramon Tapia – Rhythm Machine / SAWH175

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RELEASE: Rhythm Machine
ARTIST(S): Ramon Tapia


PUBLISHER: Say What? / SAWH175
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2023-04-07
FILE SIZE: (130.97 MB)

Rhythm Machine have 3 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Ramon Tapia – Rhythm Machine (06:13) 08B, 134
  2. Ramon Tapia – Diffusion (06:16) 02A, 67
  3. Ramon Tapia – Road Rage (07:12) 07A, 134

Total Playtime: 00:19:41 min

Download Rhythm Machine in 320 MP3, FLAC, and AIFF

Label boss Ramon Tapia returns to Say What? with 3 outstanding cuts that have their own distinct storylines

We start with ‘Rhythm Machine’ – a full on rave anthem that is destined to make floors burn and walls rumble. Bubbling drums, a rough kick and a raw synth line are the main ingredients here and together create an exquisite tension that will be apreciated by many!

Next up is ‘Diffusion’ – a multilayered synth excursion into the deeper territory of techno. Built around a menacing vocal and an old-school edged stab that weaves up and down to create in instant rollercoaster and is perfect for those early morning sessions

Last but not least we have ‘Road Rage’, which is rather minimalistic than the previous tracks but keeps on building and building with its raw synth line until it evolves into a chugging piece of madness while keeping the track classy and tasteful!


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