Bach Us – Undo / TRAUMV282

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ARTIST(S): Bach Us


MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Electronica
RELEASE DATE: 2023-05-05
FILE SIZE: (72.16 MB)

Undo have 4 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Bach Us – Ricochet (03:07) 02A, 140
  2. Bach Us – Elle (03:56) 02B, 100
  3. Bach Us – Fracture (02:38) 09B, 110
  4. Bach Us – Peek A Boo (02:44) 12A, 135

Total Playtime: 00:12:25 min

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The French artist Bach Us is a newcomer who has all it needs to become a great one.His music can be described as generative electronica in the shape of abstract story telling.It is music for us, for everyone who likes music that is special.Music with a cinematic approach that opens up multiple doors of perception at the same time. And indeed different ones every time you listen to it.15 years of music making distilled into one explosion of rhythm and sound.

The EP starts with “Ricochet”. What unfolds here is pure magic. Music made and passed on to someone else, hopefully also to you.
Music that can reach people with different interests. Music with a universal approach.”Ricochet” is pure elegance and yet unpredictable in its beauty to embrace the listener with airy melodies and avalanches of sliced up rhythms.
And finally “Ricochet” accounts for a strong visual/imaginary impression, as if performed live on stage featuring people that show a great amount of concentration with playing their instruments.As Bach Us says in his own words: I try to deliver a cinematic and quite unique electronica with generative and evolving sequences emphasized by glitchy beats that are at the core of this intricate melodic canvas.

“Elle” is a firework of unorthodox sequencing brought together by a true wizard. It connects to “Ricochet” musically without doubt but on the micro level is a different story altogether.

Enchanting music as vibrant as a street full of people but with a focus on just one person.”Fracture” is two parts colliding gently but also being brutally apart. It features that perfect amount of stylish fatigue that makes it all so special.

“Peek a Boo” is a piece of exceptional funk and a hide and seek with sequences and sounds,performing stunning tricks of brilliance.

Summing up what Bach Us music is all about he says: Within each tracks lies a story, filled with details, calling for an active listening that will reveal itself different each and every time. I often consider my music as an abstract and evolving story telling.//

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