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Laurent Garnier – 33 Tours Et Puis Sen Vont / COD3QR33TEPSV

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RELEASE: 33 Tours Et Puis Sen Vont
ARTIST(S): Laurent Garnier


MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2023-05-26
FILE SIZE: (964.35 MB)

33 Tours Et Puis Sen Vont have 16 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Laurent Garnier – Tales from The Real World featuring Alan Watts (Original Mix) (10:57) 09A, 103
  2. Laurent Garnier – Liebe Grüße aus Cucuron (Original Mix) (10:23) 10A, 126
  3. Laurent Garnier – Let the People Faire la Fête (Original Mix) (09:31) 07A, 128
  4. Laurent Garnier – In Your Phase featuring 22Carbone (Original Mix) (08:11) 07B, 130
  5. Laurent Garnier – Reviens la Nuit (Original Mix) (14:09) 04A, 127
  6. Laurent Garnier – Give Me Some Sulfites (Original Mix) (10:11) 06A, 130
  7. Laurent Garnier – Saturn Drive Triplex featuring Alan Vega (Original Mix) (09:43) 08A, 126
  8. Laurent Garnier – Cinq o clock in le Matin (Original Mix) (08:41) 01B, 128
  9. Laurent Garnier – Sado Miso (Original Mix) (06:45) 04A, 85
  10. Laurent Garnier – Au Clair de ta Lune (Original Mix) (11:05) 08A, 130
  11. Laurent Garnier – Sake Stars Fever (Original Mix) (09:53) 08A, 130
  12. Laurent Garnier – On the REcorD (part 3) (Original Mix) (09:26) 09B, 126
  13. Laurent Garnier – Granulator Bordelum (Original Mix) (09:09) 05B, 129
  14. Laurent Garnier – Le Swing du Pouletto (Original Mix) (10:39) 08A, 128
  15. Laurent Garnier – Multiple Tributes (to multiple people, for multiple reasons) (Original Mix) (06:21) 07A, 85
  16. Laurent Garnier – et puis s’en va! (Original Mix) (06:22) 03B, 118

Total Playtime: 02:31:26 min

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The French icons first solo album since 2015 is his most dancefloor-focussed yet.
Laurent Garnier is one of electronic musics best-known acts, a pioneering household name responsible for
decades of clubland classics. From experiencing the acid-house movement first-hand as a DJ at The Hacienda
through to timeless hits such as the breakout Crispy Bacon and the enduring The Man With The Red Face, his
tireless enthusiasm has permeated the dance music landscape via six celebrated albums, numerous singles and
a relentless touring schedule.
On 33 Tours Et Puis Sen Vont, Laurent Garniers first solo LP in 8 years and his most dancefloor-oriented yet, a
total mastery of House, Techno, and beyond is on full display. Club-leaning cuts from Liebe Grue Aus Cucuron
through to Granulator Bordelum all distil his years of warehouse, club, and festival experience into thrilling
expressions of musical tension and release.
Vocal-led tracks tastefully borrow from a range of genre influences; from the Hip Hop inflected In Your Phase
with 22Carbone, an incendiary number that will be firmly burnt into the memory of any attendee of Garniers
recent DJ sets, to the Punk of Saturn Drive Triplex, which features vocals from the late Alan Vega, of influential
duo Suicide notoriety. Elsewhere, sprinklings of broken rhythms appear in the leftfield downtempo cut …et puis
sen Va! and Drum & Bass experiment Sado Miso, offering listeners a further view into his wide-ranging taste.
Across 2022, Garnier released five EPs, each containing a special hidden code referencing a fairground ride from
his childhood, alluding to the album.

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