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VA – Steyoyoke Anniversary, Vol. 11 / SYYK190

Download Nick Devon, Soul Button, Monarke, Haffenfold, MPathy, Clawz SG, Michael Warren (PL), Deviu, Grammik, Darko Milosevic - Steyoyoke Anniversary, Vol. 11 on Electrobuzz

RELEASE: Steyoyoke Anniversary, Vol. 11
ARTIST(S): Clawz SG, Darko Milosevic, Deviu, Grammik, Haffenfold, Michael Warren (PL), Monarke, MPathy, Nick Devon, Soul Button


PUBLISHER: Steyoyoke / SYYK190
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2023-05-05
FILE SIZE: (445.13 MB)

Steyoyoke Anniversary, Vol. 11 have 10 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Nick Devon – Revival (07:35) 10B, 124
  2. Soul Button – Qabila (07:51) 05B, 123
  3. Monarke – Rewinding (07:00) 08A, 125
  4. Haffenfold – Elixir (06:30) 07B, 124
  5. MPathy – Eroica (07:29) 01A, 124
  6. Clawz SG – Astir (07:33) 08B, 124
  7. Michael Warren (PL) – Kirkland Crossing (06:23) 06A, 124
  8. Deviu – When Stars Fade Away (05:33) 05A, 124
  9. Grammik – Horizons (07:07) 11B, 123
  10. Darko Milosevic – Ljubav (06:16) 05A, 152

Total Playtime: 01:09:17 min

Download Steyoyoke Anniversary, Vol. 11 in 320 MP3, FLAC, and AIFF

In honor of Steyoyoke’s 11th Anniversary, the label is set to release a 10-track album titled “Anniversary 11”, featuring the original works of their renowned artists including Soul Button, Nick Devon, Monarke, Haffenfold, MPathy, Clawz SG, Michael Warren, Deviu, Grammik, and Darko Milosevic.

The album is a testament to the label’s impressive and unwavering productivity, showcasing a range of styles from pure Ethereal Techno to progressive sounds, and enigmatic and refined flavors.

With a focus on quality music, the album is an impeccable celebration of Steyoyoke’s legacy and demonstrates the versatility of Ethereal Techno, proving it is a genre that can constantly adapt and stay ahead of the curve.//

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