The Reverse Engineer – Places I Have Never Been / PP045

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RELEASE: Places I Have Never Been
ARTIST(S): The Reverse Engineer

REMIXERS: Goodnight Louisa, Practice Good Practice

PUBLISHER: Paradise Palms Records / PP045
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Electronica
RELEASE DATE: 2023-05-05
FILE SIZE: (205.00 MB)

Places I Have Never Been have 11 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. The Reverse Engineer – Distant Against the Sea World (03:12) 05A, 106
  2. The Reverse Engineer – Back in Slow Time (03:58) 05A, 101
  3. The Reverse Engineer – Bathysphere (04:27) 05A, 96
  4. The Reverse Engineer – Then Voices (03:29) 05A, 95
  5. The Reverse Engineer – Life Outside Everything (04:03) 12A, 147
  6. The Reverse Engineer – Echoes of Things in Flight (04:20) 05A, 107
  7. The Reverse Engineer – Your Window Cast a Shadow (04:34) 09A, 115
  8. The Reverse Engineer – Careful, Spinning (02:00) 09B, 120
  9. The Reverse Engineer – Bathysphere (Goodnight Louisa Remix) (04:17) 04A, 117
  10. The Reverse Engineer – Back in Slow Time (Practice Good Practice Remix) (03:54) 05A, 105
  11. The Reverse Engineer – Distant Against the Bass World (06:06) 09B, 118

Total Playtime: 00:44:20 min

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Paradise Palms Records is excited to announce the release of the new ambient album “Places I have never been” by The Reverse Engineer. The album takes listeners on a sonic journey through imaginary landscapes and surreal environments. “Places I have never been” is a captivating exploration of half-truths and subjectivity, woven together with field recordings that transport the listener to another world. The Reverse Engineer, locked down in his home studio, tells a mesmerizing story of a trip that never happened using recordings from trips that did. The albumfeatures 8tracks and three incrediblereworks, each one building upon the previous to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience. The delicate soundscapes and intricate textures showcase The Reverse Engineers skill as a producer and sound designer, creating an ethereal atmosphere that is at once dreamlike and haunting. Its unique blend of reality and fiction provides a refreshing take on the genre, inviting the listener to get lost in a world of sound.

On remixes, three contrasting takes, presenting a musical insight into three alternative mindsets.

Goodnight Louisaoffers a beautiful synth pop take of Bathysphere, soaring lead vocals transform it’s foundations into the purest ethereal bliss.
PGP contrasts again with Back in Slow Time, adance floorbreak beat belter, with it’s core orbiting around a dirty dub moon.
The Reverse Engineerdoes a loop around in driving dance of’Against the Bass World.’ Transporting you into the back room of Berlin house night, the kind you regretfully have to leave at 5pm next day.

The album is accompanied by an incredible written collaboration by
K.D Tembo.//

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