Breaks / Breakbeat / UK BassLOSSLESS

Will Hofbauer – The Shovel is a Shovel was a Shovel / WSDM025

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RELEASE: The Shovel is a Shovel was a Shovel
ARTIST(S): Will Hofbauer


PUBLISHER: Wisdom Teeth / WSDM025
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass
RELEASE DATE: 2023-05-05
FILE SIZE: (113.53 MB)

The Shovel is a Shovel was a Shovel have 4 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Will Hofbauer – Hiccups (05:40) 12A, 131
  2. Will Hofbauer – Subtracting the Egg (06:25) 10B, 123
  3. Will Hofbauer – The Shovel is a Shovel was a Shovel (06:20) 02B, 131
  4. Will Hofbauer – Crow (04:21) 04A, 119

Total Playtime: 00:22:46 min

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Will Hofbauer brings his unique, playful take on UK club music to Facta and K-LONE’s Wisdom Teeth imprint.

Previously appearing on Rinse Recordings, Rhythm Section and his own label, Third Place, Will has already gained a cult reputation for producing tried-and-tested club weapons, with fans including Ben UFO, Moxie, Danielle and OK Williams. Arriving on Wisdom Teeth, he presents his most accomplished and complete work to date, spanning a variety of moods to suit a range of dancefloors.

The EP opens with ‘Hiccups’ – a mischievous club heater that borrows from the gulliest ends of electro and UKG to forge a winking, gunfinger-inducing bassline banger. This one has been doing the rounds in select circles in recent months and has passed all checks and balances with flying colours. Next up, ‘Subtracting The Egg’ flips the script and strips things right back to to the bare essentials: a reduced beat and a warping sub-bassline – because what else is needed, really?

On the flip, the title track provides the record’s most straight-up club moment: a 4×4 house smasher with a mammoth low-end that underpins a whirring cacophony of warping synths and dubbed-out drum fills. To close, ‘Crow’ drops the tempo back down to a low-slung, humid crawl.//

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