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Timmy P’s Groove Chart

CHART: Timmy P’s Groove Chart
ARTIST(S): Burnski, Demuja, Kolter, DJ W!ld, Enzo Siragusa, KOKO.IT, Locklead, Chris Stussy, Across Boundaries, Nikola Gala, St. David, Timmy P

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  1. Timmy P – Vintage B (Original Mix) (06:12) (Cecille)
  2. Locklead, Chris Stussy, Across Boundaries – Daydreamer (Original Mix) (06:51) (Up the Stuss)
  3. St. David – The Message (Original Mix) (07:03) (Body’N Deep)
  4. KOKO.IT – 7 Days In The Hotel (Original Mix) (05:53) (Surge Recordings)
  5. Timmy P – Mylo’s Groove (Original Mix) (06:19) (Cecille)
  6. Enzo Siragusa – Laughing Tones (Original Mix) (07:32) (Fuse London)
  7. Burnski – Remember (Original Mix) (06:39) (Constant Sound)
  8. Nikola Gala – Oasy (Original Mix) (09:12) (Claap)
  9. DJ W!ld – Revolution 2024 (Original Mix) (07:15) (The W Label)
  10. Demuja, Kolter – Bonzai (Original Mix) (05:00) (Aus Music)
  11. Timmy P – Bruce Wants More Cake (Original Mix) (06:16) (ORIGINS RCRDS)

Total Playtime: 01:14:12 min

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