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image cover: BLONDISH AIO chart

ARTIST(S): Ae:ther, Benjamin Yellowitz, ANGEL DIOR, Blond:ish, Malone, Augusto Yepes, Presi On, Renate, Copyright, Shovell, Danny Serrano, James Organ, Juan Yarin, Kidoo, Makèz, Life On Planets, Nu, Jo.Ke, Valeron, Klavdia

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  1. ANGEL DIOR, Blond:ish, Malone – AIO

    Released on: ABRA X | Genre: Electro Track Length: 03:34

  2. Augusto Yepes, Presi On, Renate – Mawu

    Released on: ABRACADABRA Music | Genre: Electro Track Length: 03:32

  3. Makèz, Life On Planets – Downstream

    Released on: NO ART | Genre: Dance Track Length: 02:55

  4. Copyright, Shovell – Kama Yeah (Samm, MAXI MERAKI, Marlin Remix)

    Released on: Get Physical Music | Genre: African Music Track Length: 06:04

  5. Ae:ther, Benjamin Yellowitz – Dynamite

    Released on: Siamese | Genre: Electro Track Length: 03:38

  6. Valeron, Klavdia – Fire in the Sky (Jamek Ortega Remix)

    Released on: Yulunga Music | Genre: Track Length: 07:16

  7. Kidoo – Rhythm

    Released on: Cuttin’ Headz | Genre: Electro Track Length: 05:25

  8. Juan Yarin – Mirage

    Released on: MoBlack Records | Genre: Electro Track Length: 06:11

  9. Nu, Jo.Ke – Who Loves The Sun (Tripmastaz ‘hidin under the moon Remix)

    Released on: Bar 25 Music | Genre: Electro Track Length: 07:04

  10. Danny Serrano, James Organ – Mitas

    Released on: Hurry Up Slowly | Genre: Dance Track Length: 06:12

Total Playtime: 00:51:51 min

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