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Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)

When Elegance Becomes Violence by Machine Woman on Delsin Records

Release: When Elegance Becomes Violence by Machine Woman

A stunning Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern) release by: Machine Woman

Release Cover: When Elegance Becomes Violence Download Free on Electrobuzz

LABEL: Delsin Records
GENRE/STYLE: Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)
RELEASED: 2023-09-29

Tracklist, Music Genre, and Tempo:

Total Tracks: 5

  1. Machine Woman – Heavy Cream

    Genre: Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern) | Duration: (04:25) | Key: 05A, BPM: 140

  2. Machine Woman – Untitled Glitch House Beat

    Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech | Duration: (05:40) | Key: 04A, BPM: 110

  3. Machine Woman – Voices

    Genre: Electronica | Duration: (03:43) | Key: 08A, BPM: 103

  4. Machine Woman – I Received Your Email Today

    Genre: Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) | Duration: (07:55) | Key: 06A, BPM: 121

  5. Machine Woman – Yes Mate

    Genre: Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) | Duration: (07:33) | Key: 09A, BPM: 128

Total Playtime: 00:29:16 min

Experience “Heavy Cream” by Machine Woman | Official Music Video on YouTube

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Release type: Release

Delsin is pleased to welcome the unique sound experimentalist Machine Woman, presenting a captivating five-track journey out to the glitchy fringes of techno. MW, with her force of personality, continues to push the boundaries of her practice, offering bold and innovative approaches. She skillfully interlaces her voice through disorienting processes, embodying the essence of her self-styled mechanical organism.

In her hands, drums with a tangible in-the-room feel become precision-engineered components and needlepoint synthesis writhes with uncanny organic logic. The EP delves into themes exploring human behavior both online and offline, the delicate palette of breakbeat techno, and the transformative journey of aging. As the EPs title implies, transformations can be dramatic and entrenched elegant qualities in oneself can become violent overnight, whether in terms of your look, your mindset or your ability to connect with others.

Through this ambiguous intersection of Woman and Machine comes a playful danceable impulse and a tracky focus which will give DJs plenty to work with even as they edge the errant frequencies and twitchy rhythms into the mix. While its far from straight-laced and functional, this Machine jacks as hard as it jolts, and yet theres a sensual quality to MWs processed voice peeking through the crunchy melee of I Received Your Email Today which softens the attack.

It calls back to some of her earliest work, occupying a strangely inviting late-night hinterland where its hard to tell the replicants from the humans.

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