Melodic House & Techno

Fall For You by Ben Juno & Joep Mencke on Bar 25 Music

Release: Fall For You by Ben Juno & Joep Mencke

A stunning Melodic House & Techno release by: Ben Juno & Joep Mencke, Joep Mencke

Release Cover: Fall For You Download Free on Electrobuzz

LABEL: Bar 25 Music
GENRE/STYLE: Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2023-09-29

Tracklist, Music Genre, and Tempo:

Total Tracks: 3

  1. Ben Juno & Joep Mencke – Fall For You (Extended Version)

    Genre: Melodic House & Techno | Duration: (07:04) | Key: 09A, BPM: 123

  2. Ben Juno & Joep Mencke – Fall For You (Instrumental Mix)

    Genre: Melodic House & Techno | Duration: (07:04) | Key: 09A, BPM: 123

  3. Joep Mencke – Byron Bay

    Genre: Melodic House & Techno | Duration: (06:29) | Key: 08A, BPM: 121

Total Playtime: 00:20:37 min

Experience “Fall For You (Extended Version)” by Ben Juno & Joep Mencke | Official Music Video on YouTube

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Joep Mencke is making his debut on Bar 25 Music with ‘Fall For You’. The Dutch DJ and producer aims to ignite a desire within us to delve deeper into ourselves, surrender, and embrace change using melancholic chord progressions, hypnotizing basslines, and driving drums. His sets at Burning Man, The Gardens of Babylon, Moga Festival, and Afrikaburn, alongside his club residency at KUN in Istanbul, epitomize how his music radiates happiness, bringing people together across the globe.

‘Fall For You’ recounts our unique love journeys, reflecting the profound emotions within our relationships while acknowledging the necessary efforts to sustain and nurture these connections. The song expresses the longing and craving for love. It was born during a period when both of us were navigating through ups and downs in our relationships. Creating this track was a good way to share, find support, see new perspectives, and express and share the emotions we were going through. The phrase ‘in between’ is kept open as it invites people to relate it to their own stories, such as in between conflicts and difficulties, in between distance, in between joy, in between worlds (heaven and earth, rocks and skies), and in between doubts, among others.

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