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Hannes Bieger RISING CHART

ARTIST(S): Arodes, Andrea Oliva, Moeaike, Gui Boratto, Hannes Bieger, Jos & Eli, Maga, Tim Engelhardt, Manti, Tube & Berger, LinaColada

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  1. Gui Boratto – Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe (Antdot & Bakka BR Remix)

    Released on: Zatar Music | Genre: Track Length: 06:25

  2. Tube & Berger, LinaColada – Like Addiction (Extended Mix)

    Released on: ZEHN Records | Genre: Dance Track Length: 06:26

  3. Maga, Tim Engelhardt – Around

    Released on: Scenarios | Genre: Electro Track Length: 06:57

  4. Manti – Aeon

    Released on: New Tab Music | Genre: Track Length: 06:42

  5. Arodes, Andrea Oliva, Moeaike – Stronger Than Before

    Released on: Unreleased Records | Genre: Electro Track Length: 06:54

  6. Jos & Eli – They Are Coming

    Released on: Simulate Recordings | Genre: Dance Track Length: 06:19

  7. Hannes Bieger – Black Hole (Original Mix)

    Released on: elektrons | Genre: Electro Track Length: 05:11

Total Playtime: 00:44:54 min

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