VA – Familiar Faces Nº1 / Riotvan / RVN010

Familiar Faces Nº1

ALBUM: Familiar Faces Nº1
LABEL: Riotvan | RVN010
GENRE: Electronica
BITRATE: 320Kbps
SIZE: 86.16 MB


  1. Benjamin Fröhlich – Star Fox (Original Mix) (07:19) 122bpm/A#maj
  2. Filburt – Perlenkette (Original Mix) (05:18) 111bpm/Emin
  3. Good Guy Mikesh – Sparkles (Original Mix) (06:52) 106bpm/Emaj
  4. Jennifer Touch – Pearl (Original Mix) (04:14) 122bpm/Amin
  5. Llewellyn – Walking in Melbourne (Original Mix) (06:46) 126bpm/Gmin
  6. Panthera Krause – Marquie de Yard (Original Mix) (06:35) 118bpm/Bmin

Total Playtime: 00:37:04 min

Riotvan no. 10 – what a nice jubilee! And a perfect catalogue number to take a look at our back catalogue up to now and at the same time look ahead at the things we might cast in vinyl at some point in the future. Riotvan isn’t just a reflection, but also an inherent part and impulse in the electronic music scene of Leipzig. Gathering the inner circle of the Riotvan cosmos on one record for the first time, thus, seemed like a very logical step.

So RVN010 is the first so-called Various Artists in our roster. At the same time it marks the beginning of a new series, which will regularly lead our close and new friends on the field from now on.

This issue features: Good Guy Mikesh, who buffs up tapered sound sequences into the little slo house gem “Sparkles”. This is also the first new track on Mikesh’s release account ever since his EP “Year of The Horse”, which came out on Riotvan as well.
Then there is the hyper-dynamic “Marque Di Yard” by routine sidestepper Panthera Krause, which ogles with broken beats and should whet the appetite for his second Riotvan EP, due to be released soon. With “Perlenkette”, Filburt drops his first solo work in the label history – a tenderly whispered track from alien spheres with hit potential not to be underestimated.
Afterwards, Jennifer Touch, who recently released a project with Keinemusik’s own Adam Port on Pets Recordings, returns to her solo roots, delivering sleepwalking synth pop melancholia. Here, too, a new artist EP on Riotvan is in the making. If there’s one label which can be ascribed a certain like-mindedness towards Riotvan, it’s undoubtedly Permanent Vacation. Therefore, their puppet master Benjamin Fröhlich rounds up this compilation with “Star Fox”, which steers a middle course between direct and self-forgotten house bounce. Finally, on “Walking In Melbourne” Llewellyn plays out those house sketches which might be a bit too stringent for his alter ego Lake People, obviously not without infusing a fathomless deepness to its floor aptitude.

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