Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)Techno (Peak Time / Driving)

DJ Overdose – 05 Poly 800 Loop / Dalmata Daniel / DD001


ARTIST: DJ Overdose
ALBUM: 05 Poly 800 Loop
LABEL: Dalmata Daniel | DD001
GENRE: Vinyl,Electro, Techno
BITRATE: 320Kbps
SIZE: 69.43 MB


  1. DJ Overdose – 05 Poly 800 Loop (04:40) 132.07bpm/
  2. DJ Overdose – B(eh)anger (12z Remix) (06:01) 89.99bpm/
  3. DJ Overdose – B(eh)anger (04:20) 90.01bpm/
  4. DJ Overdose – Path to Wrath (S Olbricht Remix) (06:08) 126.01bpm/
  5. DJ Overdose – Path to Wrath (04:13) 132.01bpm/
  6. DJ Overdose – That’s Right (04:39) 125.00bpm/

Total Playtime: 00:30:01 min

The 05 Poly 800 Loop EP was born in the name of the Dutch-Hungarian friendship when DJ Overdose collaborated with the Budapest based record label Dalmata Daniel, and Hungarian acts, S Olbricht & 12z.

A wide range of styles release from dark and mid-tempo to hard-hitting electro. Just how we like it from mister Model Man. The EP also features two remixes both of which are complete reworks of the originals.

S Olbricht (Farbwechsel, Opal Tapes, Lobster Theremin) transformed ‘Path To Wrath’ into a dark abstract techno wave that manages to end up light and romantic.

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