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Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni – Vida EP / AFTNE003

image cover: Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni - Vida EP / AFTNE003

ARTIST(S): Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni

REMIXERS: Kiko Navarro

LABEL: Afroterraneo Music / AFTNE003
GENRE: Afro House
RELEASED: 2018-04-13
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni – El Salto Del Martin (Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Remix) (08:04) / Dmin, 122bpm
  2. Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni – Vida (Chant) (01:40) / G♯maj, 121bpm
  3. Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni – Vida (Dee’s Words) (02:10) / D♯min, 123bpm
  4. Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni – Vida (Dub) (06:40) / A♯min, 121bpm
  5. Kiko Navarro, Joan Bibiloni – Vida (Original Mix) (06:39) / A♯min, 121bpm

Total Playtime: 00:25:13 min

The third release on Kiko Navarro’s blossoming Afroterraneo imprint features a Balearic music hero,composer and guitarist Joan Bibiloni.
Staying close to both his Island home and his musical roots, Kiko Navarro joins forces with local legend,and founder of Mallorca’s first ever record label, Joan Bibiloni, for an EP which bridges the gap betweenthe Balearic sound of the 80s and the present day.
The pair met back in ’92 when Bibiloni gave a 17 year old Navarro an opportunity for a remix work in a professional recording studio for the very first time. The two have kept in contact ever since, and when Kiko heard ‘El Sur’, the incredible 2014 retrospective of Joan’s 1980’s work, he was inspired by two tracks in particular…
Opening the ‘Vida’ EP is Kiko’s unique Afroterraneo remix of Joan Bibiloni’s ‘El Salto Del Martin’, an astonishingly forward-thinking chill-out gem which was originally released in 1987. Kiko Navarro adds distinctive 6/8 percussion and warm electronic touches to create a sumptuous deep house atmosphere
for Balearic connoisseurs.
Title track ‘Vida (Long Life, Happiness & Peace)’ takes its inspiration from Bibiloni’s 1984 gem ‘Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila’, or more accurately from a short vocal which appears right at the end of the song.
Kiko Navarro had a group of African singers recreate that spine-tingling vocal and enlisted the help of Chicago poet D7 to find words to match the track’s spiritual, reflective mood.
The package also includes an ultra-deep dub version of ‘Vida’ as well as D7’s acappella and that evocative vocal chant; gifts for creative DJs to get busy with.

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