LOSSLESSTechno (Peak Time / Driving)

Vince Watson – Via / ESOL013

image cover: Vince Watson - Via / ESOL013

ARTIST(S): Vince Watson


LABEL: Everysoul ESOL013
GENRE: Lossless, Techno
RELEASED: 2018-06-22


  1. Vince Watson – Bon Voyage (Original Mix) (07:23) / Dm, 126bpm Energy 5
  2. Vince Watson – Via (Original Mix) (08:23) / Cm, 122bpm Energy 5
  3. Vince Watson – Route303 (Original Mix) (07:45) / Fm, 110bpm Energy 4
  4. Vince Watson – The Traveller (Original Mix) (08:25) / Dm, 124bpm Energy 5
  5. Vince Watson – Time For Reflection (Original Mix) (07:43) / Cm, 122bpm Energy 6
  6. Vince Watson – Towards the Light (Original Mix) (06:21) / Fm, 123bpm Energy 4
  7. Vince Watson – Progress (Original Mix) (09:04) / D#m, 120bpm Energy 5
  8. Vince Watson – Momentum (Original Mix) (06:44) / Cm, 125bpm Energy 5
  9. Vince Watson – Tale of Two Cities (Original Mix) (07:46) / D#m, 125bpm Energy 5
  10. Vince Watson – Lonely Journey (Original Mix) (07:11) / D#m, 122bpm Energy 5
  11. Vince Watson – Arrival (Original Mix) (08:21) / Dm, 126bpm Energy 5
  12. Vince Watson – Via (Sun Rising Mix) (04:06) / Cm, 122bpm Energy 4

Total Playtime: 01:29:12 min

‘Via’ is the 9th full length album by Vince Watson, returning to his House & Techno roots and delivering 12 shimmering tracks for every moment.

Via’s story began on the road. The concept came through Vince’s touring between gigs by car and train in mainland Europe. He wanted a driving, deep, musical sound palette to immerse himself in between gigs and could not find any current appropriate techno album he wanted to listen to.

So he did the next best thing…he created one.

The album reflects the relentless movement from one gig to the next, giving insight into the artists mind whilst cooling off from one show and seeking adrenalin for the next.

Over 12 tracks, ‘Via’ brings that signature deep sound that VW fans have loved since Mystical Rhythm first appeared in 1999.

‘Via’ is also the first in many new projects this year from Vince Watson. 2018 see’s Vince reserve his current house and techno production for his own name, however his other musical output (Electronica, Piano, Ambient, Jazzy) will be broken up into several different artists names in order to focus more in each genre. More news and releases to follow soon.

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