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Aleja Sanchez – Ocean Hypnosis / NTSALCD003

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RELEASE: Ocean Hypnosis
ARTIST(S): Aleja Sanchez


LABEL: Northallsen Records / NTSALCD003
GENRE: Lossless, Electronica / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2019-05-06


  1. Aleja Sanchez – The Inmmersion (Original Mix) (06:28) / G♯maj, 130bpm
  2. Aleja Sanchez – The Awakening Underwater (Original Mix) (06:07) / Gmaj, 175bpm
  3. Aleja Sanchez – Learning To Breathe (Original Mix) (06:31) / Gmaj, 137bpm
  4. Aleja Sanchez – Lost In The Depths (Original Mix) (06:49) / Bmaj, 235bpm
  5. Aleja Sanchez – Swimming With Sirens (Original Mix) (07:15) / Bmin, 110bpm
  6. Aleja Sanchez – The Ocean of Fears (Original Mix) (06:51) / Fmaj, 136bpm
  7. Aleja Sanchez – A Lost Ocean Into The Fallen Sky (Original Mix) (06:08) / Dmin, 174bpm
  8. Aleja Sanchez – The Ocean’s Pulse (Original Mix) (06:41) / Cmaj, 110bpm

Total Playtime: 00:52:50 min

Paolini said: ‘The sea is the emotion embodied. It loves, hates and cries. It defies all attempts to capture it with words, and it rejects any limitation’. – How vast is the deep expanse of the oceans, its sound penetrates and hypnotizes the soul, it immerses us and envelops us in its inexplicable magic. Fortunate one who is hypnotized by the ocean. – Aleja Sanchez

Northallsen Records is pleased to present “Ocean Hypnosis” A special Album release by Aleja Sanchez. It is a Misterious, ethereal, and mesmerizing piece of electronic music that intends to transport us to a state of mind beetwen the reality and a subrealist fantasy in the deep of ocean. We hope you enjoy.

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