Brian Cid – Be One EP / Endangered

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ARTIST(S): Brian Cid


LABEL: Endangered, ENDGRD012
GENRE: Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2020-03-06
BITRATE: 320Kbps


  1. Brian Cid – Monocerotis (Original Mix) keyC♯maj, 121bpm
  2. Brian Cid – Cometas Y Cometas (Original Mix) keyDmaj, 122bpm
  3. Brian Cid – Be One (Original Mix) keyDmaj, 124bpm
  4. Brian Cid – Fill The Void (Original Mix) keyCmin, 122bpm

Total Playtime: 00:37:23 min

For his first EP of 2020, Brian Cid returns to his Endangered imprint with Be One; 4 powerful tracks flowing seamlessly between melodic techno & progressive house.

Last year saw Brian Cid continue the development of his Endangered label with the release of his Light In The Lotus EP, the signing of upcoming talent from all over the world, the launch of a new VA series, and label-branded events held everywhere from Brooklyn & Miami, to Canada, India, and The Dominican Republic. After a recent EP on Audiofly’s Supernature label, and a remix on Fur Coat’s Odd:ity, Brian is back on his own creative outlet with Be One.

“Monocerotis” is the first track on the release and starts it off with a brooding techno vibe. Multiple listens are required to decipher the brilliant layering of sounds weaving in & out, leading to a tension-building breakdown, and supported with a foundation of subtle tribal drums. The journey continues on more of a progressive tip with the second track, “Cometas Y Cometas”. As with all of Brian’s releases, a story is being told, and in this chapter, the listener is made to feel like they’re floating to the next destination with the dreamy vibe created here.

Following is the title track “Be One”, which is the origin of the concept behind the project. Brian explains: “After experiencing a deep trip in my worlds within, I became One. One with my energy & sounds. Vibrations. On this journey, we are taking a ride where the atmosphere opens up as a broken sky, and the rhythms of the land breathe deep in your body. A healing shower of sounds with a live, analog and digital feel; a sea of possibilities”. “Fill The Void” is the finale, and this story ends with a banger. Driving melodic techno, combined with synth work bouncing back & forth; this is Brian Cid at his deepest & darkest.

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