LOSSLESSMinimal / Deep Tech

Acid Kids – Flying Saucers EP / ERLTD017

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RELEASE: Flying Saucers EP
ARTIST(S): Acid Kids

REMIXERS: Alessio Viggiano

LABEL: elrow Limited | ERLTD017
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Minimal / Deep Tech
RELEASED: 2021-04-23


  1. Acid Kids – Flying Saucers (06:00) keyCm, bpm128
  2. Acid Kids – Sending Love (05:55) keyGm, bpm130
  3. Acid Kids – Sending Love (Alessio Viggiano Remix) (06:54) keyGm, bpm65
  4. Acid Kids – Pure Delights (06:29) keyDm, bpm130

Total Playtime: 00:25:18 min

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eng||The last releases on PIV, Rendr or HedZup of this London boys put them in the
spotlight of up-to-date electronic music. Now is the time for Acid Kids debut
release on the label and we have a bunch of amazing tracks and the remix of
one of the most exciting Italian artists of the moment: Alessio Viggiano.

‘Flying Saucers’ is about a bouncy bassline and some electric stabs, in short
21st century balearic house. ‘Sending Love’ has a dirty and arpeggiated
bassline but sweet pads and keys, two well balanced different concepts.
Alessio remixed it in a dubby way giving more presence to the bassline and
the shuffled percussion. Closing track of this EP is ‘Pure Delights’, built
around a funky bassline melody, pure fun for selected dancefloors.//

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