LOSSLESSTechno (Peak Time / Driving)Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)

Inigo Kennedy – Abacus Frames / ASYD03

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RELEASE: Abacus Frames
ARTIST(S): Inigo Kennedy


LABEL: Asymmetric | ASYD03
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno
RELEASED: 2021-11-12


  1. Inigo Kennedy – Abacus Frames (06:23) key, bpm130
  2. Inigo Kennedy – Stepping Stones (05:42) key, bpm84
  3. Inigo Kennedy – Laterna Magica (07:43) key, bpm99
  4. Inigo Kennedy – Pulse Train (05:22) key, bpm136
  5. Inigo Kennedy – Divide and Fall (06:50) key, bpm132

Total Playtime: 00:32:00 min

Asymmetric label boss Inigo Kennedy returns to his celebrated imprint with Abacus Frames, a brand new EP featuring five previously unreleased tracks from the esteemed producers music vault.

The already highly anticipated release follows on from the widely praised Eyes Closed in The Sun LP which Kennedy dropped in early September. Abacus Frames continues to shine a light on the renewed energy of Asymmetric, which has shone through since its rebirth this summer. The label, a haven to Kennedys most personal releases, and this latest offering remains true to this legacy, delving deep into the most mysterious recesses of his mind.

Opening with the title track, Abacus Frames delivers off-beat, juxtaposed rhythms that dance playfully between the haunting melody. Stepping Stones introduces Kennedys signature dense layering and driving hypnotism, instantly transporting us to a palpitating 5 am dance floor. The bewitching Laterna Magic envelops the listener under a spell of enticing rhythms, alluring synths and rasping hi-hats intertwining throughout. Pulse Train possesses a kinetic force, mercilessly driving forward, focused and unwavering. The EP closes with Divide & Fall, where an ominous atmosphere swathes heavy kick drums and spiralling minimal beats.

This latest, evocative offering from Kennedy continues to demonstrate his endless artistry, and with the return of Asymmetric being so enthusiastically welcomed across the industry, fans can expect to see more releases over the coming months.//

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