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Eli Nissan – God Between Us / LF089D

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RELEASE: God Between Us
ARTIST(S): Khen, Roy Rosenfeld, Eli Nissan


LABEL: Lost & Found | LF089D
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Organic House / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2022-07-01


  1. Eli Nissan – A Moon Away (07:44) key, bpm122
  2. Eli Nissan – God Between Us (07:44) key, bpm120
  3. Khen, Eli Nissan – Juanita (08:45) key, bpm122
  4. Eli Nissan – Carrousel (07:28) key, bpm120
  5. Eli Nissan – Strings & Pearls (06:53) key, bpm122
  6. Roy Rosenfeld, Eli Nissan – Metta Love (07:52) key, bpm122
  7. Eli Nissan – Disorder (07:22) key, bpm120
  8. Eli Nissan – Snow Tiger (08:16) key, bpm122
  9. Eli Nissan – Valhalla (07:50) key, bpm120
  10. Eli Nissan – Into The Wild (08:16) key, bpm120

Total Playtime: 01:18:10 min

Lost & Found proud to Present Eli Nissan`s full length album “God Between Us”.

Shortly after the release the of Eli Nissan’s single in April, the “Snow Tiger” held the No.1 position in the Organic House section of the Organic House Beatport Top 100 tracks for two weeks. Moreover, “Strings & Pearls”, the second track from the release, held the No.4 position for seven days in a row.

Strictly vinyl fans have been exposed already to “God Between Us” and stunning collaboration with Khen “Juanita”.

The album unfold another 6 unreleased tracks including a breathtaking collaboration with Roy Rosenfeld “Metta Love”.

Eli is an extraordinary producer from Israel, capable of dramatically expanding his artform. He utilizes scores as a basis, yet he spontaneously upgrades the harmonies resulting in intelligent and abstract soundscapes.

His artistic expression always sounds otherworldly, but his attitude is down to Earth. Percussive instruments rattle and whisper in slinky ways and tap into the most divine parts of our souls. Eli unveils his studio competence, variety, character, and his metaphysical ways, bringing that special touch to the world of dance music.//

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