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No Point, SNMN – Rediscoveries / TRAUMV271

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RELEASE: Rediscoveries


LABEL: Traum / TRAUMV271
GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2022-08-19


  1. No Point – Gotland (03:36) , 90
  2. No Point, SNMN – Sauce Code (05:53) , 121
  3. No Point – Elephant (05:18) , 122
  4. No Point – Rediscoveries (06:04) , 126
  5. No Point – You Are (04:32) , 120

Total Playtime: 00:25:23 min

The Cologne based artist No Point releases here his first EP with us.No Point is a new project from the artist who has successfully released music in the past under a different name touring and Djing in many clubs with a home base in Hamburg.He expresses his idea of not to muse about things but instead to get emotional with the very first note. So expect nothing but tracks that are fueled with fantastic mood changes.The EP was triggered by the process of rediscovering the beauty of electronic music after a longer break from making music.The release kicks off with the darker downbeat track “Gotland” that in the best way of songwriting rises the level of intensity and provides enough drama to have it sink deep into your skin.When the track stops it is somehow a shock and a rewind is most likely, at least this happened with us.”Sauce Code” is the most track like contribution and therefore could be attractive also for DJs. It does slide from one emotional state into the other, keeping a deep reaching feeling that gains a collective feel. The track was co written by SNMN.”Elephant” is a dark and romantic tale much more elaborate and complex in its composition. Distinctive through its solitary vocal that establishes a fine blend of pop and house music. Simmering emotions which are inflamed by a certain recusancy and shyness that could make it a perfect festival tune.”Rediscoveries” expresses the emotions he recently experienced at festivals. Moments of romance and joy which could be the starting point for coming musical adventures.The final track “You Are” feels like a bonus track and highlights a single-minded thumping minimalism which is comical and definitely written not to bore.//

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