Alan Strani, Tessa Martin – Apocalypso / BAP173

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RELEASE: Apocalypso
ARTIST(S): Dasha Utochka, Saeko Killy, Alan Strani, Tessa Martin


LABEL: Bordello A Parigi | BAP173
GENRE: AIFF, Nu Disco / Disco
RELEASED: 2022-12-05


  1. Alan Strani – Collasso (05:18) key, bpm116
  2. Alan Strani, Tessa Martin – Apocalypso featuring Tessa Martin (03:38) key, bpm120
  3. Alan Strani, Tessa Martin – Nostalgia featuring Tessa Martin (02:48) key, bpm127
  4. Alan Strani, Tessa Martin – Postumanesimo featuring Tessa Martin (04:15) key, bpm100
  5. Alan Strani, Tessa Martin – Vita Digitale featuring Tessa Martin (03:48) key, bpm115
  6. Alan Strani, Tessa Martin – Le Pacifique featuring Tessa Martin (04:31) key, bpm117
  7. Alan Strani – Culturellement Appropriée (03:27) key, bpm121
  8. Alan Strani, Saeko Killy – Cakaha featuring Saeko Killy (04:34) key, bpm108
  9. Alan Strani, Dasha Utochka – Melodia featuring Dasha Utochka (03:47) key, bpm115
  10. Alan Strani, Dasha Utochka – Дарья featuring Dasha Utochka (02:52) key, bpm116
  11. Alan Strani, Dasha Utochka – Solaris featuring Dasha Utochka (04:30) key, bpm118
  12. Alan Strani – Efficience Insignifiante (04:07) key, bpm120

Total Playtime: 00:47:35 min

Born in the Alps in a small house spreading between the Italian and Swiss border, Alan Strani is a transdisciplinary artist exploring music and visual arts. For his new album, he invited artists Saeko Killy, Dasho Utochka (Love Object) and French singer Tessa Martin to join him in his attempt to musically make sense of the current Zeitgeist while questioning our relation to the digital world. The result is the album carried by its homonym single Apocalypso, a wordplay suggesting that, in the face of a possible emerging Apocalypse, like Ulysse during his Odyssey, the entire world is being distracted by the charms of the Calypso nymph.//

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