The Mole – The River Widens / CCS124

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RELEASE: The River Widens
ARTIST(S): The Mole


PUBLISHER: Circus Company / CCS124
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Electronica
RELEASE DATE: 2023-01-20
FILE SIZE: (264.04 MB)

The River Widens have 21 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. The Mole – X-pert Profat (02:40) 08A, 119
  2. The Mole – Break for Ma (02:47) 02A, 95
  3. The Mole – Drums 2002 (01:52) 03A, 89
  4. The Mole – Ducklings 2 (01:17) 07A, 97
  5. The Mole – #ew_horseplay (01:35) 11A, 142
  6. The Mole – Jo Barker (02:19) 02A, 87
  7. The Mole – AR day (01:10) 12B, 104
  8. The Mole – New Family (03:58) 01B, 105
  9. The Mole – Repepepater feat. Joli B (04:55) 07B, 120
  10. The Mole – Clean Father (03:20) 05A, 150
  11. The Mole – Ambient Jams 3 (02:34) 03B, 102
  12. The Mole – July 11 Creepy feat. Ted Pilsner (04:08) 11B, 98
  13. The Mole – Brain Bed (01:14) 06B, 87
  14. The Mole – Roxy Dancer (00:57) 08B, 96
  15. The Mole – Summer Storm (01:40) 08B, 91
  16. The Mole – They Work for Mr. O (02:05) 09B, 92
  17. The Mole – Tricky Dees Dumm Dumm (01:08) 07B, 88
  18. The Mole – Ufos Over Egypt feat. Cristobal (03:09) 08A, 112
  19. The Mole – Weak Stranger (03:04) 06A, 95
  20. The Mole – XMods in the Living Room (04:22) 12A, 116
  21. The Mole – Being a Total Warm Up (07:00) 02A, 100

Total Playtime: 00:57:14 min

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Originally a limited, cassette-only release via fellow Canadian Eddie C’s Red Motorbike, we are proud to offer this album in its full glory for the first time on all formats.

Never one to shy away from synth deep dives, or raw sample flip collaging, this collection of 21 works checks all the boxes. Ambient trippers to straight up neck-snapping instrumental beats. Not forgetting tastes of the more uptempo, highly-assured and hypnotic dance floor feels the world has come to love The Mole for. Moments of casual chillin are interspersed with effortless, emotive angles, some evoking the charm of his Little Sunshine release for us in 2017.

X-pert Profat opens the set with sly statements that give way to relaxed and subtle keys over gentle, midtempo rhythms. Things switch up nicely into easy, Northwest Coast boogie-meets-beatdown feels in Break for Ma, followed by a solid array of almost Jaylib-schooled boom bap twists, like the aptly-titled Drums 2002 and Jo Barker. Ambient cuts like AR day and New Family offer a refreshing tap of the brakes, setting the scene for the gorgeous, Jarre-esque Weak Stranger. We also get treated to Repepepater’s nod to Detroit house, urban-mode Balearic feels on They Work for Mr. O, and sneak attack lo-fi future funk in the form of Ufos Over Egypt, with Montreal co-pilot Cristobal on a wild shisha-lit vox narrative, earlier versions of which have blessed many of our label comrades’ DJ sets, from Dave Aju to Vincent Lemieux.//

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