LOSSLESSMelodic House & Techno

monovan – RSOP EP / FED004X

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ARTIST(S): monovan

REMIXERS: Artileqt

PUBLISHER: Fluid Electronics / FED004X
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2023-02-17
FILE SIZE: (121.57 MB)


  1. monovan – RSOP (04:43) 07A, 122
  2. monovan – Athlon (05:07) 08B, 117
  3. monovan – Proton Decay (06:03) 02A, 140
  4. monovan – RSOP (Artileqt Remix) (05:23) 06B, 124

Total Playtime: 00:21:16 min

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Gracing the next slot in Fluid Electronics release lineup, here comes Croatian talent monovan with his second EP, RSOP, a four-track delivery featuring a remix from Artileqt. An all-embracing approach and Protean take on electro, IDM and jazz, which he interweaves to shape his own musical lexicon at the fringe of typical genres and classifications, monovans sound is as elusive to homogenisation as it invites to reconsider the limits of floor-focused functionality.

The title-track and lead single RSOP combines the very DNA of IDMs best with a Detroit-inherited magnitude of cinematic evocation, making for a particularly fine piece of mind-expanding body music.
More on the quirky, experimental end of the spectrum, Athlon sounds like the future of jazz. A combined spell of off-kilter machine funk and swashing post-techno wares mingled into one fascinating slice of mazy electronic signals and untold space tales.
Molecular techno meets tropospheric electro on the hair-raising Proton Decay, an uplifting six-minute epic of a cut tailored to bring each cell in you to a state of euphoric simmer. Showing his impeccable touch for building both poignant and surgical floor momentums, monovan swings the pendulum deftly between no-nonsense traction and exogalactic escapology.
Reshuffled into a further muscular workout by Artileqt, RSOP gains impressive levels of intensity and exploratory playfulness through its clinical assembly of tendinous breaks, sonar-powered bleepin-n-bloopin’ and sustained waves of widescreen synths beckoning us onto higher mental spheres.//

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