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va – Selador Decade EP 2 / SEL166

Download Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Renato Cohen, Steve Parry, Circulation, Zoo Brazil, James Harcourt, Heîk - Selador Decade EP 2 on Electrobuzz

RELEASE: Selador Decade EP 2
ARTIST(S): Circulation, Zoo Brazil, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, James Harcourt, Heîk, Renato Cohen, Steve Parry


PUBLISHER: Selador / SEL166
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Progressive House
FILE SIZE: (338.55 MB)

Selador Decade EP 2 have 4 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman – Napkin Knowledge (07:26) 05A, 125
  2. Renato Cohen, Steve Parry – Marmalade Skies (06:42) 08B, 125
  3. Circulation, Zoo Brazil – Six Days (06:19) 04B, 123
  4. James Harcourt, Heîk – Ghost (05:52) 11A, 123

Total Playtime: 00:26:19 min

Download Selador Decade EP 2 in 320 MP3, FLAC, and AIFF

Once again, collaborations straight from the Dancefloor Dream Factory are the order of the day. The names (please just take a moment to Look. At. Those. Names!) say it all…but hey, we’re excited, so please allow us to say just a wee bit more.

Please note: all Selador collabs are rooted in longstanding, deep friendships and / or mutual respect and / or love of music. No algorithms have been manipulated in the making of this EP.

Dave Seaman x Hernan Cattaneo: ‘Napkin Knowledge’

Picture yourself in your favourite dancing space, Dave & Hernan are playing back-to-back – and that beautiful track you’re hearing? It’s right here, and it’s sumptuous. Oh, and the title? It goes back many years to when the boys were sharing DJing tricks and tips over dinner in Buenos Aires, and said knowledge was shared on the nearest napkin. A napkin that Hernan still has!!

Steve Parry x Renato Cohen: ‘Marmalade Skies’

From Liverpool to Sao Paulo, Steve & Renato shared mind-bending ideas through the ether. Kick drums kicked, synths squelched, it all got just a bit twisted, and the information super highway went into ecstatic meltdown. Handle With Care: Dangerous Dancefloor Goods.

Zoo Brazil x Circulation:

No sooner had Zoo Brazil made a welcome return to the label, and Circulation an equally welcome debut, both nestling side by side as remixers on our recent Floormagnet release…then they’ve hooked up in another one of our Tenth Birthday Virtual Studios (TBVS™️), and delivered this sumptuous dreamy soundscape to Selador HQ. Yowsah.

James Harcourt x Heik: ‘Ghost’

James has been enjoying an extended stay at the Selador Hotel these last coupla years. ‘Hey, Heik!’ he hollered, spotting Mexico’s finest lurking online. ‘You heard about this Selador Decade business? Why don’t you drop by and let’s make beautiful, uplifting, roof raising music together.’ Reader, that’s just what they did.

And that friends, neatly wraps up the sublime second edition of our quartet of EPs celebrating a decade at the coalface.//

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