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T Raum – Evil / UY161

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LABEL: Upon You Records | UY161
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2021-02-26


  1. T Raum – Get Ready (07:03) key, bpm131
  2. T Raum – Recognition (06:05) key, bpm129
  3. T Raum – Evil (08:10) key, bpm127
  4. T Raum – Breath Control (07:16) key, bpm130

Total Playtime: 00:28:34 min

Four single releases within a four years period. If this is what makes an artist a pillar of a labels roster Vienna-based artist T Raum has officially reached this status with „Evil” which is his latest EP on Upon.You Records and our first transmission for the year 2k21.

Opening with „Get Ready” T Raum is sending a clear signal to anyone preparing for things to come on future dancefloors which are, at least according to this furious entree, about to be jam-packed with bodies moving along to brooding, relentless and well eerie Techno grooves revolving around a busy midrange synth, hefty snare attacks and warped vocal transmissions from the outerworld.

Getting loads of „Recognition” is what the second tune on this four tracker deserves due to its cold and tripping, sci-fi and slightly psychedelic TechHouse vibe paired with emulations of icy winds being blown over from exoterrestrial plains, ever morphing modulation sequences and, once again, disembodied vocal bits drilling deep down into the human subconscious.

Furthermore „Evil” lurks within the title track which caters a deep, stripped down and masterly crafted take on spaced out Acid minimalism structurally reminiscent of a vibe brought to us by many mid- and early 90s classics before an intense, swirling, psyched out and siren’esque synth layer starts to drift, wobble and morph through the stereo field for additional braincell stimulation.

And finally there is „Breath Control” – a reference to these strange times we’re living in titlewise, catering a musical menu comprised of a dark and claustrophic 2k21-reinterpretation of minimalistic Shuffle Techno garnished with more hypercold sci-fi vibes, spine-tingling sample abuse and ever shifting – and phase-shifting – movements of micro-motifs within the stereo field, adding additional depths to devastating klaxon’esque synth signals and what seems to be an out of the loop metronome playing an essential role in this sonic trip through space and time.//

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