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Kotelett – I Got Something For You / EXP98S

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RELEASE: I Got Something For You
ARTIST(S): Kotelett


LABEL: Exploited Ghetto | EXP98S
RELEASED: 2021-07-09


  1. Kotelett – I Got Something For You (06:05) key, bpm151
  2. Kotelett – La Metta (06:50) key, bpm124
  3. Kotelett – Prism (06:33) key, bpm122

Total Playtime: 00:19:28 min

You can always count on Kotelett to serve up some vibrant melodic monsters, and the follow-up to his acclaimed Lifted EP for Exploited Ghetto is now here. Three new gems. Three new weapons for your crate.
I Got Something For You typifies his less-is-more approach, taking just a few key elements and squeezing every last drop of energy from them. The focal point is the pumping arpeggiated bassline which could be equally at home in an electro or psy trance banger. Its rising melodic progression gives the track a feel thats somewhere between euphoric and dark, and with the pitter-patter of his shuffling hi-hats and succinct synth hooks including cute 8-bit blasts supporting the weight of the b-line, he concocts a sleek dancefloor juggernaut.
La Metta thrusts along at a more urgent pace, with heavenly 80s synth pads building the vibe over an incessant bassline melody. The retro feel is continued by a sprightly detuned lead line and a cute percussive, pitch-bending riff, but the rug is yanked from under our feet by an intensely atmospheric, tense, dramatic breakdown. This moment of intensity breaks up the track beautifully, giving the lead line a renewed intensity upon its return.
The EP is completed by the electro-disco bounce of Prism, complete with cheeky cowbell and synth-tom fills. The bouncing bassline is complemented by ascending and descending melodic scales, and a breakdown that sounds like R2D2 malfunctioning in rhythmic fashion. The elastic groove keeps you nodding your head throughout and a sparse percussive arrangement lets the synth magic intensify from all angles.//

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