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VA – Best of Do Not Sit on The Furniture 2021 / DNSOTF055

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RELEASE: Best of Do Not Sit on The Furniture 2021
ARTIST(S): Alejandro Mosso, Bachir Salloum, Bodaishin, Draso, Gavin Hardkiss, HAFT, Mario Bianco, Nhii, Nōpi, Shai T, Timboletti


LABEL: Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings | DNSOTF055
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Organic House / Downtempo
RELEASED: 2021-12-27


  1. Alejandro Mosso – Saung (06:56) key, bpm120
  2. Timboletti – What Does It Mean (07:40) key, bpm118
  3. Mario Bianco – YÜZ (08:52) key, bpm123
  4. Shai T – Gates of Thēbai (06:53) key, bpm122
  5. Draso – Coral (08:35) key, bpm121
  6. Bachir Salloum – Nebula (08:59) key, bpm123
  7. Nhii – Hisoka (07:27) key, bpm121
  8. Bodaishin – Bosques De Los Cedros De Dios (07:06) key, bpm120
  9. Nōpi – Bueno Me Piese (07:33) key, bpm121
  10. Gavin Hardkiss – Debbonaire (07:45) key, bpm126
  11. HAFT – Zhaal (07:32) key, bpm121

Total Playtime: 01:25:18 min

As we close out 2021, we reflect on a year of brilliant and amazing music. We’ve been fortunate with an outstanding collection of artists this year, and we present a few standouts with our “Best of Do Not Sit On The Furniture 2021” compilation. Featuring the brilliant works of Alejandro Mosso, Timboletti, Mariko Bianco, Shai T, Haft, Draso, Bachir Salloum, Nhii, Bodaishin, Nopi, and Gavin Hardkiss.

We want to extend a massive appreciation to all of our fans and listeners around the world – thank you from the bottom of our hearts!//

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