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KØLPØS – Tharsis / UCKR001

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RELEASE: Tharsis


PUBLISHER: Ucker Records / UCKR001
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2021-04-12
FILE SIZE: (105.05 MB)

Tharsis have 8 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. KØLPØS – Spectral Orbiter (02:40) 10B, 116
  2. KØLPØS – Albor Tholus (06:02) 12B, 130
  3. KØLPØS – Orbiter Major (05:25) 11A, 130
  4. KØLPØS – Tharsis (05:54) 02A, 151
  5. KØLPØS – IDISIS (04:56) 07B, 120
  6. KØLPØS – Sytris Major Planum (05:43) 02B, 130
  7. KØLPØS – Espectografia (05:32) 10A, 130
  8. KØLPØS – Contemplete (06:50) 08A, 90

Total Playtime: 00:43:02 min

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Download Tharsis in 320 MP3, FLAC, and AIFF

Kølpøs is an Argentine artist who little by little has been tracing his own path within the music industry and who has based his evolution on a serious and forceful proposal.
e is a moment in the career of a producer in which maturity is achieved and you have to make the decision to start working on his first album.

At moment has come for Kølpøs, it is time to present Tharsis, an album composed of 9 tracks that contain different soundscapes from ‘Spectral Orbiter’ with its spatial musicalization, through the electronics of ‘Contemplete’ and ‘IDISIS’ to techno powerful and avant-garde as is the same ‘Tharsis’. All this maintaining a congruent but mysterious line and in moments like the musicalization of a science.

Tharsis is a release full of affection and specialty due to being the first of Ucker as a record label, besides being available in multiple formats, On cassette and Digital with the 9 songs and we can find the tracks ‘Spectral Orbitel’, ‘Albor Tholus’, ‘Tharsis’, ‘Sytris Major Planum’, ‘Espectografia’ in Vinyl ’12’ format.//

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